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I like drawing, playing video games, and fangirling over anything I like: Kingdom Hearts, pokemon, anime, and so much more that I can't fit it in this box.
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Yesterday it was 80° i kid you not
80°. In February.
@mariofan11: sorry dude, I can't
I have no idea how to Sprite X3
@Leroy Diamondblock: I don't think the Chad gallery part counts. It has 200 comic pages, I believe that's what they're celebrating
Is he now Borg?
Miss me?
>Ask what's going on
>when you learn you're going to be sacrificed, make a cult joke
Hikaro's Style Update!
Hikaro didn't change much, and is mostly the same. He remains one of my favorite characters to date. ^^ More pages coming soon!
Carpet? Pillows? Squirrels? No one knows what Oliver eats.
Incoming Shadow Style Change! Also, I am always accepting cameos, so send them in ^w^
I'm Back!!~
Summer is here, and that means updates! Over the two months of inactivity, I have been working at improving my skills. I will update Shadow and Hikaro's new styles, and possibly other characters. Also, would you guys rather have more updates in black and white, or less updates, but in color? Let me know in the comments please.
My friend likes Tokyo ghoul. She told me not to watch it though
No rest for the impatient. Ever.
It's quite all right if you have less time; I'm happy you have freelance jobs! ^^
Wow, I do the exact same thing sometimes X33
What did the ocean say to falconer?

Nothing, it just waved
@Tijopi11: try reading the age of fire books or the dark elf trilogy. They are both good series that you may enjoy
Woohoo, congrats!!!
Respect everyone, for they have all had different and possibly harder lives than you have.