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Been a long while, hm?
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    OH, HERE'S MAH NAME! IT'S - *Shot*
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Dat face tho'.

Wat r u doin.


@Dregan: Alright, looking forward to it.

I'll get on Skype soon. I should still have you as a contact so we can talk.
@Dregan: Admittedly I sort of dropped out from the MSN and Skype convos mainly because I got distracted with Real Life(tm) for a while then I just forgot about it. I should've said something, so sorry if anyone was worried.

I do still pop on Steam and Skype though. So maybe we can get together again.

Also, I don't mind the direction that you've taken with Leo. His personality, while originally based on mine, was yours to mold and it shows. And to be honest, despite the noticeable departure from his conception, it's better. Keep at it.

I might need to do some sprucing up on my SJ profile though... hm...

Nah, just taking a look over here to see how things have changed. Not a whole lot, from what I can tell.

Been a while, huh?
@Dregan: I do.
Not to sound trollish/whatever, but...

Who the hell cares?

This is the internet man, things like religion and kid's shows are parodied/porno-fied on a regular basis. If you honestly are offended by what the brony fandom pumps out, then just stay away from it. 'Cause you're just asking for a flame war doing this.

Anyways just accept the fact that a show intended for young girls has a huge following of adults and males. It's not worth trying to figure a paradox, just accept it as a fact and leave it be. Don't start beating the rant drums just for attention, it honestly does makes you look childish and brings out the trolls to tarnish you.
Am I the only one who noticed that in panel 3 Radd's wearing his helmet but not in the other panels?
October 30th, 2011
*Rages on Dregan anywhoo*
@Meldazzar: Actually that'd be if it was shot into the heart more than anything else. Slow the heart down enough and it stops.

But you can see here that he didn't get killed, he's just been knocked out, so I still think that it doesn't count as a TK.
Technically putting someone to sleep isn't a TK, but I'm just nitpicking :P

Oh that Skip....
Pills? What, for the scizophrenic voice in her head?
As much as I'd like to argue how humans generally use series of tens or fives for most things, it's useless to argue troll logic. It'd be like throwing sand at the ocean.
Dejero: What can you tell us about your origins? What is it that brought you here to this city?
@Christh^^: Mind = Blown
Shard even stole the non-existent fluffy of Kanos. Quite a feat. :3
@gatemaster: I'll be sure to do that once I become president of the world. /sarcasm
@Celestial_Wolf: Stop antagonizing the judges and OnceTMaster and stop making yourself appear as the victim here. Whenever someone loses due to a judge's decision it's natural to feel that you may have been, as you've said, 'cheated' though guess what: you're not as good as you make yourself to be.

And if you want to know what the other criteria that the judges worked with then ask them privately. Don't make this into a public thing. Same with OnceTMaster, if you wanna bring up something with him, do it in a PM or something, the rest of us don't want to see a discussion here seeing as this isn't the place for it anyways.

Keep at it sir, you're digging yourself a pretty deep hole.

EDIT: Ninja'd pretty badly here.