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Dammit Ky way to kill the kid XD
I mean as long we don't see anything naughty it's still pg13 lol
Assuming of course that Blair is poly.
No, that's Chanel.
I wouldn't really call it judgemental. It's more along the lines of asking your friend if they left their brain somewhere when they do something uncharacteristically foolish.
Honestly I'd put Ruby's fear of being recognized as the reason for the reaction in the last panel. If people know you, they can more easily recognise you unless your face is more heavily obscured.
Now that I'm thinking about it, where does she get changed? There is no way in he'll she could walk in or out of her house like that.
Ah well, have to admit it would've been hilarious to ser Rudy to lord that over him after graduation though.
Wait, was that chase checking Ruby out?
Yeah was thinking about how everyone else would fit. So far I'm seeing Emily as Ann, Rudy as Yusuke, Gavin as Ryuji, Maria as the MC, Chanel as Makoto, and Anna as Futaba.
Are we gonna get a picture of Emily in a cat suit now?
Given how much Debbie views Rain as stealing her best friend, this definitely went into the dude not funny territory
Having my doubts...
I doubt this is going to have much in the way of lasting impact. As Vincent just pointed out she has to want to understand. The main problem here I don't think she really does. This seems more like she's trying to get the info she needs to fix her brother, not wanting to understand why she has a sister.
@00Stevo: It's probably because as a rule Maria seems to have everything together, and here she isn't. Also this is one of the few times where she really seems vulnerable.
@Nesagsar: Uh did you forget Gavin?
I just don't like needles going in. Once I'm stuck I'm fine. No problems even looking at the thing sticking into my arm. Getting stuck always makes me jump though. Kind of funny considering i want to get tattoos...
@Grenartia: Having gone to Catholic school, yes. We were in separate classes. Had separate classes in public school too.
Uh oh...
Now I am worried. Previously Chase just seemed like an ass, but if he's this much a concern...
Just how much did Jessica have to drink last night?