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Hi, I'm calanii! I'm a freshman at SCAD and I'm studying to go into storyboarding/sequential art, and my dream is to work on video games and animation someday.

I love games, rap, electro-punk, JRPGs, fighting games, drawing, and enjoy long walks on the bridge with a bold cigar.

Nice to meet'cha but it's more pleasant to eat'cha.
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Yay! We're Back.
And here to stay, I do hope!
Sorry for the delay, all! Holidays be crazy. Anyway. Because I'm back in school next week, I will update twice a week! Tuesdays, and Fridays, usually in the evening. Thanks, all!
@arswiss: thats actually really good to know...! Gonna do some research on that, thanks! ;)
sorry for the delay! was getting the website up and running.
Check it out!