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99.9% of the time when I look under my favorites what updated recently, I'm emotionally not ready.
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OMG I'm so happy somehow right now :')
Amazing! <3
Didn't comment on this page before :'D but I was just going back and looking at all pages again ^w^ I really like them ;)
the way you draw the fishes and birds is somehow really cute but mysterious, also how you organize the pages makes everything kinda flow when you know what I mean ^^'
Is he finally gonna be free from his demons? Too good to be true :'D Make way for love yay :) <3
Sorry can't vote, because I can't choose between the options, I love everything <3
The new pages are so cute, loved the page with his mom she rocks! XD Can't believe it`s ending soon :'(
January 9th, 2016
ahhhh the tension! I just read a lot of new pages I'm so happy that you uploaded so much : ))) I fucking love Sooch and Howie <3, I hope everything will go well D':
gosh I just love your art style it's so nostalgic and warms my heart :) but the story kills me at the moment, I'm always asking myself: where is this all going? :'D excited for the next pages <3 good work!
December 22nd, 2015
If Radan wins it's gonna be sex on that rock XD
He's kind off an ass but he's is also somehow really cute when he hurt his knee :( poor baby <3
I really like your manga, but I think I never actually wrote a comment, so I'm gonna do it now :D I love your art style it reminds me of those old love story manga, I assume intentionally XD and your story is so capturing I'm super interested in the rest of it :))) Good work!
November 29th, 2015
She says "..Kay" but her face say's "Howie you better fucking swing your ass back in here!" XD
Every time when I see there is a new page I just thing wow christmas again?! :3 This is probably my favorite webcomic/ doujinshi ever! (and I read like a lot, like reaaaaallly)
Keep the good work up! <3
Omg I prayed the whole time for a sexy sexy sex scene ´,:)ok more like a really dirty angry overwhelming sex scene but hey I'm open for everything ;) Thank you ELECTRONICYAOI for making my dreams come true <3
Nuuka is somehow really cute *w* such a sweet face <3
July 14th, 2015
In my head I see exactly how Howie looses all his facial expression and turns his head in slow motion to Sooch XD Can't wait for the next page! ;D
His face just straight says: "fuck those two.."! XD
Heeeeeey ... wait.... how can it be named the boyslove academy and have so many female students? :? XD
Luv you too!!! <3
April 24th, 2015
oh my fucking god i fucking love this!
Does the story continue or is this the end? ÖoÖ
April 2nd, 2015
OMG I know who is coming there and I'm so thrilled I nearly screamed! Please update soon, i don't think I'm gonna survive this X'D
April 2nd, 2015
i was often enough drunk in my life to approve of this conversation. it's just soon fucking true XD