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my deviantart is:

I am a HUGE FAN of: Doctor Who, Undertale, Animal Crossing, POKEMON!!!!!, and HOMESTUCK ::::D

as well as drawing :33
I am so sorry to have gone so long, updates should be more frequent!
finally got drawing software, so updates should resume!
GUYS WE DID IT!!! I know I haven't updated in a few weeks, but I lost my drawing software and have yet to get it again u_u I will upload the page I was coloring as soon as I can, but thanks for being here for one entire year of my first attempt at a comic!
@Guest: it's not a mewtwo mega stone, but you'll find out what it is in the next few chapters ;D
WOW DAILY UPDATES!!! I will try to do this more often, but I know I'm gonna miss a day or two per week :(

I was sick today
update schedule goal is every few days, and weekends
Good job! :D you can do everything!!!!!
Aww look at those cuties!
I did another page! =D
ayyy two pages in one day! I'm on a roll!
YEP, I thought this was necessary :P sorry, but the artwork following this is really old, so... if you do not mind seeing REALLY old artwork, go ahead!
I AM SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING!!!! I will do my best to update a lot more from now on, my goal will be AS SOON AS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE. SCREW NEW YEARS, MY RESOLUTION IS TO DO THIS.

i got a deviantart, thats why i have neglected you... SORRY AGAIN!! ;A;
@SoraIndigo: a buffer is a set of pages meant to give you time to do other things, and make more pages, giving people time to have a consistent update schedule
I think one response would be "Logic!"
I know exactly how you feel! Whenever I order something online, i get extremely impatient and check daily if it's arrived yet!
Use a plank of wood from the door to pry open the trapdoor. Then escape before more zombies come and shut the trapdoor
you get this page early! I will try to update more often, school is almost out!! In this page, not much happens, but oh well! ^w^ You still get a page!
D'awwww so cute~!!
@gavinom123: I SEA what you did there! SHELL I tell you another pun? You'll have a EHALE of a time!