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Lessee... I draw, write, sing, play the trumpet, take tae-kwon-do...

General multitasker at your service.
Revamping cont.
Finally got this thing up. No color, this time. I'm too lazy to do that.

And too goddamn tired. Getting this uploaded wasn't the only thing I was delaying yesterday. Last-minute homework is /not/ fun, mind you, especially with grade-obsessed parents hounding your every mistake.

I've more or less already decided that Ral's going to be the one giving the announcements and all that. Next week's update will be a full-body picture. And the week after that will be spent giving the site itself a facelift.

I already added custom buttons. Wonder if anyone noticed.
Took you long enough. =P

Just a suggestion, though. Instead of putting a black 'shadow' around the wording, make it white. Makes the words stand out more, and especially with the darker colors, makes it easier to read.
Yeah, I know that I put it up a day early. I'm impatient.

If you can't tell already, the dashes around the title signify that it's a filler.

I've been doing a bit of redesigning for Raldoth. I kept the original drawings for you to note the progress I made. Then I colored and shaded the finished product.

Any thoughts?
We're back!
Okay. Quite a few new things in this strip.

For one, if you couldn't tell, that up there is Raldoth and the one shouting from offstage is Ry. The comics will be drawn with a different style. It looks better than the old one, but bear with me as the drawing style fluxuates the first few comics.

Second. I release to the world an unmitigated evil. My handwriting. I tried to make it as easily-decipherable as possible. Good luck! XD
This thing took forever to get up. First, my goddamn camera refused to take non-blurry pictures. Then, when I finally had a suitable one, I had to do A LOT of on-computer editing because the original copy of this thing looked like crap.

But, it's up and ready. At long last.

I need a scanner. That way, I can skip the whole line art hassle and go straight to editing...
Happy New Year's!
Have fun partying; this is the "update" I promised. Also, know when to stop. Don't be a Jin. =P
I was hard-pressed to get this one ready by Wednesday. It was drawn and inked on Monday, "scanned" and traced on Tuesday. Night.

So here it is! I was too late for Christmas, so I decided to make a Christmas/New Year's double. Enjoy!
If you haven't noticed, these comment posting dates are all at least a day before the comic actually shows up. I got these done so I can be lazy (and study) the week of my finals. The bi-whenevery updating schedule will begin when Winter Break begins. IOW, next week.

Given that this "strip" took less than half an hour to put together, it gives me time to actually get ahead of schedule for once. *gasp*

As a side note, I'll attempt a Wednesday-Friday update schedule whenever possible. Don't blame me if I can't keep up with it, though. >_>
Just a Touch of Magic
Enter Jin. Alchemist's apprentice from a distant universe. His experiment, as you can see, goes haywire when his master leaves him in charge during a vacation.

Add one pinch of garlic, a teaspoon of fairy dust, one imp's heart, and top it all off with just a touch of magic...
And thus began our journey...
The quote at the bottom comes from a story I wrote. Band nerds unite!

The font used in "Trumpeter on the Roof" is SF Burlington Script, gotten off of It was categorized under "free", but I feel guilty anyways... >_>

Before you ask, the -=__=- tag will be used for all cover pages. The tag -__- will be used for fillers.

Anyhow, now that I got that out of my system, this is the cover page for the new JATOM. Enjoy!
*raises hand* Umm, me?

Why isn't either Ver or Jin anywhere yet? I even had the decency of supplying a sprite sheet. Evil, you know that? Not just Striker. Evi--

*sound of frying pan hitting a dragon-- I mean a BIG frying pan*
About the burn tool, set the exposure rate lower if you're overusing it.

Blood looks good.
This is the sort of thing that happens when I'm bored. Think Versy with Jin's personality.

Sue me if you want a real comic.
I need a comic idea before I can actually draw one. So if any of you have something that's actually funny... Hey, all of my ideas are spent on my comic and Swordhunter's.
Some images and sprites (Well, all of them) are copyright to Square Enix. Doesn't matter if they're recolored or not.

BTW, Zo, you might want to use the burn/dodge tool instead of the airbrush. It looks a lot better.

And about the blood, first make the spot where the blood comes out. THEN draw the leakage and the expanding puddle. Make sure that BOTH are solid.