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I love gaming, comics and anime!
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Time for some counselling
Atty, you are being called for a serious session of counselling!!
Moving Forward...
So it's electric gym next.......I guess oddish will shine there too?
Yeah, Niobe, your fate is sealed!!
I knew it!
As I had said in my comment (a few pages ago....), DT WILL win!
I was sure that DT is not gonna give up!
Go DT go!
@Lanval: You are right to a great extent, but love surpasses all!
My Charizard who is with me in all of my games.......bears even water type hits for me and survives!
I don't know if data has feelings or not but even I have never let it faint till now.
Even though I trade it back and forth from many of my games, he knows that it's me and somehow even obeys me even though I don't have badges!(If you have played pokemon games, you know that traded pokemon never listen to you if you don't have badges)
That's why I have faith in DT.
See, even though Atty had such a rough attitude towards her, she stuck to him, that shows her compassion for him; and now that even Atty believes her, she's gonna give her best!
I don't know whether you will win or not, DT.
But I'm rooting for you to win, DT!
@Nearo: I bet Magikarp isn't the one.
But if you already have contacted the creator and know that it's gonna be magikarp..then I lose....the loser accepts that the winner is gr8 at prediction....fair?
Go DT Go!
I'm with Dragonthing.
I don't care if it's a weak type matchup or anything, I believe in you, DT!
Destroy it!!!!!!
Even when I play with my Charmeleon, I don't care if I am facing a Golduck, Magikarp, Starmie or even a Milotic, I don't switch him out, and he wins, guess how? I have taught him Solarbeam!
Go Dragonthing, you are a demi-god who will soon evolve into the GOD!
Bandage on pikachu forgotten again!
@EllaCupcake: Yes!!! Me too!