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@Killsoty: I'm not hip with the current lingo, is this a good thing?

Don't know if you can tell by my rhyming puns but I don't get out much.
@RandomNinjaGuy: Thank you. Puns are some of the only things I have to offer the world. I appreciate your appreciation.
@RazorD9: WHOOPS I meant nine because apparently there was another verse I didn't account for.

@RandomNinjaGuy: Is that the sound of your socks getting knocked off?
If you're wondering about word choice.
Gotta admit some of my words may not be exactly DINOSAUR WORDS. But guess what? RHYMING PUNS IS HARD.

Don't Dinosaurs have Feathers?
FUN FACT: Feathers are hard to draw. And I have finals to study for. :T

This update took me forever because of the backup dancers. NOBODY COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS UPDATE OR I WILL CANCEL THE REST OF THE RAP.

I'm sorry to shout. I didn't mean it. Forgive me, friends. FORGIVE ME.
I hope you like puns
Because I have 8 more updates of this to do before Christmas.
This is Where the Magic Happens
Guys. Remember how I told you to wear socks for this? GET READY.

This rap was created to illustrate my sweet moves, but unfortunately it's too complex to just post for no reason. Thus. Our holiday special.

Ricardo complained earlier today I never put him into comics, so he's gonna DJ the whole thing. Basically it all works out.
@Killsoty: It's really unclear. Dale is either a serial killer or a Disney Princess. We're unsure.

@Maharo: He feeds on the souls of the innocent.

@RazorD9: He likes juice. That's about it.
Sometimes I randomly ask people "who hurt you?" just whenever. Fun fact: Ask a woman who hurt her and she'll just laugh, ask a guy and he will legitimately answer more often than not.

ANYWAYS. Finals are coming up and I want to do a holiday special this year that will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF. So please wear socks in the coming weeks.
We Got a Kitten
So after Marble, the house got real quiet. And that made my parents want a kitten. I chose Banquo, because after also choosing Marble I clearly have great choice in cats.

I mean this cat is a CRAZY JERK. But isn't that what all the best cats are at heart?
@RazorD9: I'm sorry we couldn't address all of the speculation. Maybe this is one thing that's never meant to be fully understood.
@Killsoty: I think perhaps FPB means something different to everyone, and it's more about a personal significance rather than a collective one. Basically, you do you.

I'm gonna NOT charge into battle and just eat nachos. Valhalla is cool and all, but nachos.
You asked the questions, so I got you the answers. I think.

I also don't want to be one of THOSE people that assumes everyone wants to know what's up in my life, but hey! Giving Twitter a shot for real this time. Follow me and hopefully don't become bored of me! @waryrogue
@RandomNinjaGuy: Sometimes when we can't agree on a pizza, Diana and I order cheese with extra cheese and feta cheese.
Post-Secondary Life
You go to learn
So you can earn
More than peanuts and pennies...
All it costs is your twenties.
Sometimes I wonder if I find these situations funny because of their intrinsic value, or if it's just a coping mechanism to deal with the harsh reality that is Kara.

But then I don't think about it and make a comic instead.
@RazorD9: Well the gloves you're thinking of exist. I know this because of pure and selfless reasons.

@godmoderncommander: Whoa what are you insinuating? I'm a lady. I'm sure I have no idea what I'm suggesting.

@RandomNinjaGuy: This is very true! I studied this in my Mental Health class back when I was becoming a nurse (pre-arthritis). My how life would have been different if I'd never gotten this disease.
@Apostatus: You're not wrong. Cats are magical and phenomenal. Plus they're jerks and it's great.
@RazorD9: I'm pretty sure a "relationship" is some kind of anesthetic for low self-esteem. That's what my research has so far indicated.

@RandomNinjaGuy: That's what I say! Relationships would take away from my ever so consistent and punctual updates. The world would probably end.
And if you had a relationship, who would READ my comic?! Definitely no denial happening here. Thank you for your dedicated service.
This was the most exciting update in my favourites today.