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Hallo everybody!
I'm a student graduating in foreign languages but I'm also an hobbyist willing to show my own stories and having fun drawing them.
More please!
** Speechless! I just can't wait
I guess that pun may be really funny!
I love this two yet
I like her! Definitely u-u
Finally back! **
Stunning the new colouring!
I was waiting for the update *W*
October 11th, 2015
This will be my favourite page forever! **
September 16th, 2015
I see it coming!!! >w<
i'm gonna save next page for tomorrow, I don't all the candies at once *^*
Sweeeeties! >w<
Come back!
Finally I can continue reading your comic, i'm so happy right now ^^
Povero Daniel!
Ora capisco come si sente xP c'รจ bisogno di un corso di atteggiamento eheheh
This! This is real power!
I love his outfit! (and hairstyle!!)
Cutie crow!
I think I falled in love with that girl &#9829;-&#9829;
January 25th, 2015
It's a really helpful meaning! I really loved it and read it all at once. Seeing now AWoD I can see ypur improvement in drawing technique also. Keep it up, I'm gonna search for more of yours **
Finally back!
Yeah! Worth waiting **
January 15th, 2015
Dat six-pack!
I'm looking forward to see that curious boy next page! 8D Buahah
Gonna follow for more!
I need it ;)
That swissh!
Oh, my! This colouring.. and THAT Awesome redhead hotness :Q__ I wanna know mooore!
Good work indeed!