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Dat snout doe
@Night-X: he died, obviously. However, I made a humble sacrifice to our Lord and Savior, Satan and brought him back to the land of the living. Now, he is bound by divine contract to finish the comic.
@Baeruzu: ulric has been 'cursed' with the pregnancy in such a way that he(she) is stuck with the pregnancy at that stage, meaning the pregnancy won't progress and therefore cannot give birth. He(she) is stuck with that belly for an indefinite amount of time until he(she) can find someone to remove the curse.
Ulric CLAIMED it wasn't his, but apparently the king's daughter was brainwashed somehow and the king was tricked into exiling his best general.
The reasoning behind him getting pregnant is that the evil mouse slut 'transfered' the pregnancy of the king's daughter to him using magic. Why did she do that? Well, the girl didn't want to deal with the burden of having a child, much less a bastard, and neither did a king. Try being a king and have your heir get pregnant whilst unmarried, see how well that goes.