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Just your average Joe, trying to improve my art skills. Favorite games: Pokemon, Legend of Zelda.
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Make it double!
September 11th, 2017
@threnodeath: I hope you are alright. I have family in Florida too.
I foresee a sneaky way to both A: keep the briefcase out of PS's tiny hands, and B: increase the distrust in PS's promises.
More is always what fans love to hear, but please, don't burn yourself out. Let this be your vocation and not your job, so don't let us stress you out over it.
He should know that superheroes aren't the only ones who can foil a villain's plans, even if it isn't to their direct benefit.
If I said that this story wasn't promising I'd be the biggest liar in the world. The artwork is wonderful, and the emotions are very well portrayed, even without giving the characters visible mouths.
Just some doodles and Roob. I guess he's a new character, so we'll be seeing more of him around here!
It's all good without a hood!
Good idea, stop the first paradox with MORE PARADOXES! But the fact they are disappearing mean that they are having a substantial effect on the timeline.
Sappy goo with Halibo
According to the laws of candy bars in this comic, those gummy trout probably taste like real, uncooked fish, and smell like them too! Or maybe its just the barrel of caviar in the corner.
Hole-y moley! She si-knew!
Mistakes were made.
January 30th, 2017
Stranger Danger!!
Bad touch! BAD TOUCH!!!
Is Sticky Fingers the equivalent of Gimli here?