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A guy that entered the world of the internet when he wasn't ready, and thus did a lot of stupid things.

...and I'll probably continue doing stupid things, but hopefully stupid things that are less embarrassing and require less damage control within a few years.

So far I've only posted on my dump within this account. Is something else coming? Maybe.
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i, uh, don't know what i expected

I really enjoyed this comic all the way. It was a lot of fun to read from start to finish!
Feeling A: "Man, I'm not sure how to feel about this scene, due to me being Christian and all that."

Feeling B: *roblox death sound*
this entire comic makes main series kirby lore look like a children's book
somehow that seems like a completely expected turn of events in this world
oy i see keeby's plan here

...although i question whether the massive polygonal shape of destruction was necessary for it
Here's Athlon Rocky, as well as a group of Kirby's Rockys... Rockies? How do you pluralize it?

Also, this is my profile picture now!
Here's Brave Tyranno King/Kyoryuzin (depending on your region, I guess)!

I like the design, with its giant machine gun and chainsaw. I wanted to focus on the chainsaw and thus used a dual-wielding pose - Brawl Ike's pose, to be exact - as a reference point, and went from there. I attempted to emulate the Super Mario Strikers style of rough, jagged lines because I felt like that kinda fit Kyoryuzin (idk he seems like the kind of guy that would play rough and trash talk enemies).

You can watch my speeddraw here:
The video doesn't include the sketching, because I prefer doing that on paper.
rebellious teenage galacta knight is still amazing
Only one day remains!! Here's Leo, the main character!
Ayy, I actually finished the drawing this time! Here's the fairy character that's been shown off a bit. I was gonna include the wand... but then I didn't
3 days remain! Here's Elisa, the healer character.

Couldn't finish in time again, but eh.
I wasn't able to finish this drawing on January 4th... but luckily, Smackjeeves lets you change the upload date, so let's just say I did.

Here's the sorceress character that was shown off in the promotional material; I'm pretty positive it's Isis but it might not be.