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Sweet armor, socks, and backstory!
He has tried? Ooh! That was really ominous and sad. And have fun at your sister's mod! We'll wait. OuO
I just can't right now! XD RGBs expressions are priceless! Man hero you are a smart one! I hope they get along soon. >.<
XD lol rgb. So are we to assume that hero is some sort of er... Special person in some way? Or is it only humans that can save their world? :/ also I really can't get enough of this adorable ness! <3
@Kitty star: he must be going Christmas shopping. >.< :D
aw, the trees are dreaming! and it only took me 14 read overs to get that! derp
@Wonderment: Huh you are right! checky checky here! tran·scend·ent



adjective: transcendent

beyond or above the range of normal or merely physical human experience.
"the search for a transcendent level of knowledge"

•surpassing the ordinary; exceptional.
"the conductor was described as a “transcendent genius.”"

synonyms: incomparable, matchless, peerless, unrivaled, inimitable, beyond compare/comparison, unparalleled, unequaled, without equal, second to none, unsurpassed, unsurpassable, nonpareil; More
exceptional, consummate, unique, perfect, rare, surpassing, magnificent

"a transcendent genius"

•(of God) existing apart from and not subject to the limitations of the material universe.

synonyms: mystical, mystic, transcendental, spiritual, divine; metaphysical
Yup he digs her awesomeness.
You know I could imagine RGB streaking. XD just imagine a floating TV head... O_o
@Caelidra: aw, yeah you know it ;)
OOHHH I just feel so warm right now >.<
@Sushirolled: I see wad you did there. smooth. B-)
lol TOby your life sucks XD