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Oh, I actually still like this page. How rare!
I used to be super proud of this page.
I had to clumsily edit this page, and I gotta say, I dunno what font I was using but it was super ugly
Just kidnap the people you need to talk to, it'll all work out somehow
I'm not sure how I'd feel if someone flew next to me with a scythe either
I hate most of this page, but I do like the last panel.
I wonder, did Alice's parents have an immunity to her ability?
Awww, this comic is awesome
The way you draw faces and facial expressions is so wonderful!
I'm the same way with deadlines X_X It's hard to find the motivation to get something done without one.
This is a really nice, quiet, touching moment. Kudos
man, so practical
Woah! I love her design!
Snakes! <3
I like "Death Dodos"
Freaking Death himself saying that a tiny little bird is "ferocious" made me laugh.
Very excited to see what happens next!
Finally updated everything on here so far. Updates will be more sporadic going forward.
August 31st, 2017
second panel is hilarious