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I'm not sure why she needs the scythe here, but Emily knows what she's doing.
I want to gently shake Jordan and tell her that she doesn't need to be this loud every panel
Just help yourself, I guess
To be fair, I'd react the same way if someone was eating my secret stash of cookies
Enerah continues to give no shits
About to fall asleep while being interviewed?
Messy eater.
This would be Novia, the now-dead Autumn representative. Wow, she looks really nice!
A more successful way of talking about this would have been literally anything else besides the whole "you're prob gonna be assassinated at some point, sorry," but I'm sure that Emily knows what she's doing.

Anyways, that's the end of the chapter! Chapter two is next, which is much shorter than chapter one.
Don't worry, Emily actually applied for her job as official Secretary of Fall. It's not too bad of a job, unless you count the babysitting of rude snake people.
Too be fair, I wouldn't want her to be some seasonal goddess in charge of important themes like life or death either.
Oh, is that all?
Hum, what theme is what season though?
It's not too bad, you get a lot of vacation time, your own castle in the sky, and... magical powers.
Super cereal serious page
Oh, I actually still like this page. How rare!
I used to be super proud of this page.
I had to clumsily edit this page, and I gotta say, I dunno what font I was using but it was super ugly
Just kidnap the people you need to talk to, it'll all work out somehow