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I love this comic <3 Can't wait to see where this leads..
Sweet! When I get my next paycheck I am def buying a copy!
January 30th, 2017
Oooh, I think we've seen these hands on an earlier page before!
January 23rd, 2017
The glitch effect is really cool!
Really cool comic so far! And was wondering the question on this page myself.
Love the shading in the fourth panel!
Sad news about the delay, but I'm still excited to purchase it :)
Yay, two pages a week!
I've always really liked the mini comics at the end, but I'll buy regardless :) So cool to hear volume four will be out soon!
what a nice guy
Hm, did he expect this to happen (his feeling ill/coughing?) I'm assuming not
I ordered and got the physical copies of anathema yesterday :D It's really cool to read this online and offline!
I wonder how they met.
Oh good, she's alive! ...Maybe not the best conditions, but still
It's exciting enough to see another update for this webcomic :D
I like how they both seem to understand things and not understand things on the same subject. (not sure how to word it) It makes them feel like they're on equal footing :)
Aaaaah Mae and Cammie! They look so cute! Mae's hair is black now?
@artificer urza:
Jacques confirmed
doesn't look like he has fangs.. otherwise would totally think he's Jacques
woaaaah whatt. yay, an update!