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I hate myself when I do this o n o
@LifeApathy: Well I've been trying to go off of it, but a couple of times it went really bad, haha. Because I just cut it off. Then I forgot to take it for three days ande I felt fine, but after two weeks my heart started to act up, I couldn't breathe properly and my sight went black. It took me several days to figure out that it could be me being off the medicin. I went back on it and after a couple of days I was fine again.

I really want to be off them because I've been on them for two years now o n o
It's not until now I realise how much I have to do before I graduate this year. UGH.
@LifeApathy: Well yeah, I do get very vivid dreams which I'm frustrated about. But I too get really good results and I want to stop because I think I'm well enough now c:

How long were you on it?
I was gonna put up a colored version of this, but I didn't have time. Hope you love me anyways o 3 o <3
DFGhhjsdgfj *hugs back*
@LifeApathy: It's fluoexetin c: And yeah, I'm still on them fjdsgfs
@LifeApathy: Ohmy I haven't seen that you commented here D: I'm so sorry ;; I'm taking anti-depressants c:
@Psyzan: Oho! Perhaps we are c;
Honestly it was an awful realisation and it wasn't until a short while back I came to accept it. I'll make another comic about that.
@Stephg101: Thank you, dear <3
Agreed ;;
Lotsa sad stuff lately, I'll try to make something nicer, haha.
@LifeApathy: Hahahyep ;;;
How. Hard. Can. It. Be??? A new episode of Steven Universe has come out today and there are spoilers EVERYWHERE. I can't be on social media until I've seen them, unless I want spoilers. AND I CAN ASSURE YOU I DO NOT.
@Stephg101: Thank youuuu ; v ; <3
Didn't have time to make a fancy comic or anything today, so you'll be getting a Mabel, a sad Mabel o v o'''
I can't really sing songs, or even write them. But I can do something like this.
@LifeApathy: Yeah u v u At least had something to distract myself with, playing games with other people heh

Ohnoes :< That doesn't sounds too nice ;;; Or do you like being alone?