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September 17th, 2018
Look at him blushing 😉 Hot stuff, alright. I think we can all relate to real life getting in the way, take your time! We'll be here 😊
For a moment there I was thinking shirtless Owen was making a move on Richie. Oh well -__-
September 8th, 2018
Skeptical Howie gives me life XD
Heck yeah, bring on the goldenest and tastiest lube 😂😎
I am so so glad this comic is updating again 😍
Yay, welcome back! Hope you had a nice break 😊
The fact that his childish trust is being abused breaks my heart
Can't wait for an update 😊
Can't wait for an update 😊
Jawlines for dayssss
Never had pizza 😮 poor baby 😭
Yay Welcome back!!
Hahaha, he's not wrong 🤔🤣
Oh my, someone's blushing 😊
Oh my, someone's blushing 😊
Excellent drawing skills 😊 can't wait to see where you take this story!
Well aren't they just being cute 😉 Thanks for the nice update!!
Well, he had it coming for him. Clean up is gonna be a bitch, though.
Hahah this is awesome. Merry Christmas!
They had such an unhealthy and yet interesting relationship. Poor Jack. Is his life gonna get any easier any time soon?