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Excellent drawing skills 😊 can't wait to see where you take this story!
Well aren't they just being cute 😉 Thanks for the nice update!!
Well, he had it coming for him. Clean up is gonna be a bitch, though.
Hahah this is awesome. Merry Christmas!
They had such an unhealthy and yet interesting relationship. Poor Jack. Is his life gonna get any easier any time soon?
December 20th, 2017
Ohhh, I missed the last update and got to read both of these together, what a treat! First of all, I hope you feel better and please don't overdo it for anyone's sake. Your health is most important! That said, I love this interaction so very much. Harvey and Cort really needed this. Thank you guys for the lovely update!
Pretty sure Avery feels shitty enough without anyone blaming him, Owen. Poor little Cal, though. I feel like someone is going to get their face kicked in for this, and rightfully so.
October 30th, 2017
Those scars look like they hurt... and made Cort uncomfortable. Seeing how he's pulling down his shirt sleeve, I assume he doesn't really want them out in the open, either. Just a completely weird guess, but is this somehow related to the rope we have been seeing...?

Cort's expression in the first panel, by the way. Man. So beautiful and oh so heartbreaking.
October 25th, 2017
This is how life is, though. This is so real, and I love it. Things are never black and white, and you can't swap one feeling for another. Howie and Sooch may never be able to have a normal friendship again. You can't just go back and undo what happened - that's not how life and humans work. I do hope they have a happy ending of some kind, and that perhaps Sooch does some more soul searching and realizes why he is so stuck on wanting to be around Howie so badly. Either way, I love you for not glossing any of this process over.
"Suckle at your most holy penis" hahaha. You never fail to make me laugh, thank you. Your humor is brilliant.
I am very impressed with how well Avery handled Callum's blowup. He's actually acting calm and collected and telling Owen what a dick he's being. I LIKE IT.
So... what are you gonna cut off next time you overreact, Hideo :/ I just don't think what he did is acceptable.
@Biscuit: Well I am sooper anxious to see how this is gonna go! 0__0
Did you kill someone, Callum? O_o
Am I the only one a little annoyed by Sooch's reaction?? I get it, it's shocking, because it's unexpected. But why is it so unexpected? Your friend is gay. He told you. Why be so aghast now when he tells you that he messed around before? It's not like you're a virgin, Sooch >.<
Both Owen and Richey look like they are about to blow a gasket. It's interesting to see them sticking up for each other, in a way.
Sooch just kinda mmmkaaay-ing and processing what the shit he just asked in the middle panels while sucking on the maryjane is the single best thing.
I miss these guys and their story development.
This is an interesting family. Did Jade have a decent upbringing? How did she end up the irresponsible person she is now (who can't even really take care of herself, it seems, let alone a kid)? I mean, her mother seems alright at first glance, anyhow.
So she pretended to roll a 1, or did I get that wrong? I have such mixed feelings about this whole scenario. She obviously loves him and is doing things a good parent should, but gosh. She has issues. Such hard issues.