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I mean, he makes a valid argument
Awww lawd Jacky, you're killing me. Can't wait to see how this will go, lol.
July 14th, 2019
Those... look like cuts. Oh, Cort. I imagine this isn't going to be easy to talk about, but I hope he tries.
Howie's face in the last panel 😂 so deadpan
Lol@ Admes' blushing little face!
I don't know how you manage to draw this sexy stuff so well, but I'm so thankful that you do ❤
Sooch has moves 😂
He looks way too content with that banana 😅
Cal looking 50 shades of uncomfortable
Oh, this is gonna get messy. Well.. MESSIER. As a sidenote, Callum looks super pretty here.
You really are such an excellent writer. I am perfectly enjoying these two getting it on, but at the same time I am so concerned for Avery, Callum and even Owen. We all know this isn't gonna end well. Especially with fuck trumpet stuck in Avery's head.
Sooch stroking Howie's hair and holding his presentation like a pro is everything!

Also good luck with your schooling, I'm sure you'll do fantastic!
April 25th, 2019
This is such a great page <3 I love that last panel of Cort with the booze especially, hahaha.
Oh Howie you perfect hungover mess
Poor Avery, that voice has to be getting exhausting af
Can't wait to see this continued <3
Pretty sure if we look up happiness in the dictionary right now, we're gonna find Howie's grinning mug :)
Well, if this isn't the perfect scene, I don't know what is.
"We'll fuck him in the rain" done 😂😂😂
February 18th, 2019
"I'm not a lady" - best response ever 😂 And oh so true. Glad they're uhm, getting along so well, finally!