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*fans self* Three pages?! You are too good to us 😭 Claudius cracks me up. He is sitting perched and at the ready. I'm surprised he's actually dressed, lol. Athal's face leaves no room for interpretation what he thinks of these shenanigans, either.

Your beautiful, detailed art and incredible grasp on anatomy leaves me eager for more, as usual 😁 thank you ❤
@Lehanan Aida: Thank you so much for your response, and of course this beautiful comic ❤ You are absolutely right, life comes first, and I'll be patiently waiting for an update whenever that will happen 😍
October 21st, 2018
That look of feeling suspiciously too well rested. Poor Sooch.
I check this comic almost daily for an update :) I completely understand things happen, I was just wondering if it was on a hiatus? Thank you <3
I'm loving the updates 😍
September 17th, 2018
Look at him blushing 😉 Hot stuff, alright. I think we can all relate to real life getting in the way, take your time! We'll be here 😊
For a moment there I was thinking shirtless Owen was making a move on Richie. Oh well -__-
September 8th, 2018
Skeptical Howie gives me life XD
Heck yeah, bring on the goldenest and tastiest lube 😂😎
I am so so glad this comic is updating again 😍
Yay, welcome back! Hope you had a nice break 😊
The fact that his childish trust is being abused breaks my heart
Can't wait for an update 😊
Can't wait for an update 😊
Jawlines for dayssss
Never had pizza 😮 poor baby 😭
Yay Welcome back!!
Hahaha, he's not wrong 🤔🤣
Oh my, someone's blushing 😊
Oh my, someone's blushing 😊