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@WiispNightmare: I don't know what happened O.o
If you want you can read it on DA 5757079 65
or here: rald.44 0/
Better quality: 0
This ship is now canon!! Yes!!
And the first date... poor Crys! But at least Gold will think of something!! >w<
@MartijnKuch: Thank you! I fixed it :)
Nooo Gourry!!! ;__;
@KuroKageOkami: Yes! XD You are right! XD
Mother-zone confirmed XD
XDDDD this page is really epic XDD
Is she talking again with Steven? XD
@Koal: Maybe because you haven't played Keitai Denju Telefang... it's an old game where you call the denju (the monsters) with a cell phone
(and they always talk about curry)
Gourry... from Slayers?? *_*
Better quality: 761

I swear.. I haven't forgot to update.... really >___<''' so after 24 hours that the page was available (on my website....), I finally update even here (^^''' I'm lazy...)
So... what to say here?? The Japanese name of Exploud is Bakuong and it was really difficult to don't name this Whismur "Baka"... XDDDD
Better quality here: 195
Bettere quality: 064

Now Mr. Briney is Santa Claus XDD and Gura is exactly like we remember her XDDD (Poor Kemu ;_; )
(I love how the cave turned out >w< )
@silver-wolf: XD sadly this page don't have any XD
Now I hate Norman >_>
So Sapphire and Ruby are brother and sister here?