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I like: cats, drawing, painting, reading, writing, etc.( I also love bread)
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it's a game
Let's play find the Honyas. How many Honyas do you see?
thought you might catch that. Originally I had planned for the pant leg to do that, but the sparkle was more fun.
just because she is comfortable with being naked... she just died! She doesn't get clothes until later
I glance at it. I admire the artwork, it's just man love doesn't do anything for me.
well you don't take your clothes with you when you die
they have everything. Even leftovers from the great library of Alexandria, of course they will have yaoi. Perhaps some of your art is needed for that though... not great at man love scenes.
that's cause she is
March 26th, 2012
You must be on trimesters? Good luck then. Oh and I love the way you use pen! It's so rare to see someone who still uses cross-hatching instead of tone.
NINJA??!!!???? Ninja-neko. I love you!
I love the little house though!
Makes me want fudge...
Je deteste l'espangol! I can't understand!
I liked her better
I liked her better mute actually... Sorry Oku...
But... It's been longer than that!
I like the breathing mask!
Also, "your" not "you're"
... Wait to see who the heck the dude is before I passed out
And the leopard bag of awesomeness that is used for transport.
Ring the bells for a kiss!
Aw! what happened to the pancakes??
Why is the hat suddenly red?