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I like reading online comics.
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I'm Taking Questions!
So, there's the thing! I'm taking up questions for Christmas! Ask anything about Toby, Goliath, Pitch, Exit (who's coming up soon!), Benny (asshole from Chapter 1), Toby's mom and dad, the two characters in the comic, or even some questions about the author!
You can pretty much ask anything! The two new-looking characters are Hun and Saint, who are in a comic I'm in the process of making. They aren't in this story, but keep an eye out for it.
You can see more of my art on Tapastic:
You can ask on Tumblr:
Right when I could know what the hell they are! I love this comic and I really love the new one. ^3^
This Sucks
I wish I read this comic sooner
Why Do I Need a Title To Comment (haha)
I love this comic and I don't see why people criticize simple mistakes of words when you're supposed to love the comic. It's not like instead of cat, she put dog. She's HUMAN and all people make mistakes! So, this whole grammar thing pisses me off. I see it and just want to reply and say STFU! Haha