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Marina is what we call ourselves, but we're two people. Mar = writer, editor, producer, general whip cracker and IRL a drag queen costume maker and stained glass artist. Ina = artist, previously with TokyoPop and HarperCollins, crochet fanatic, and web designer. Together we are making our little dream of a web comic come true. Many thanks to all who read here.
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RomeoXJulien is YAOI ...
... and it's a modern slice of life story of a couple families in Northern California.

Come visit!
RomeoXJulien 4 is now on Amazon
The finale and the fun... and family! s=romeoxjulien&qid=1557165997&s=gateway&sr=8-1
Thank you
We're going to be finishing book 4 in the next few weeks. Please check for a Kickstarter.
to be continued
TO BE CONTINUED at AMAZON.COM and in our website
Love is a wild and wacky thing...
... and no where is it more wild and wacky than on the Capulet Hacienda in the middle of a Ren Faire. Come and experience this crazy salute to Wil Shakespeare, and BL manga.
@Zombie Cinnamon Coffee: Thank you to the wonderful and brave Zombie Cinnamon Coffee creators!
RxJ loves V,GoS
And we love Zombie Cinnamon Coffee too!
It looks like that may have been a Smackjeeves problem that is now repaired. Sorry it interrupted your reading.
@Gnildryw: I don't disagree with you, I oversimplified. The likelihood that demisexual is more normal than het among people who have long lasting partnerships is higher than is reported. This is most likely because those in long term relationships are of an older generation and consider themselves hetero-normative. It's about not being attracted to anyone else outside of the existing relationship. There are those who are married to demisexuals who have had extra-marital experiences. The demi often forgives or ignores that behavior because they want no other person. It's no romantic bed of roses, but it's acceptable to most demisexuals.
More people are demisexual than het, it's about loving one person, one special way that no one else can reach in a psyche. When you meet people who are married 30-40-60 years you have met demisexuals.
Kiss him hard in front of all these people! KISS HIM
I'm worried that G will get loaded and his wings will start just flapping away and B will have to save the night somehow and he'll be drunk too and all hell breaks loose.
Books are at Amazon
You can purchase the RomeoXJulien books at Both Act 1 and Act 2 are available. And Act 2 has some naughty bits that you will not see on the webcomic. Please support our creation?
Ghost Ivo is kind of mean.
Welcome to our Story!
We are proud to introduce you to RomeoXJulien, written by Mar~ and illustrated by ~Ina. - MARINA
Blizzard Juno, early upload.
This is early, as we want to make sure our readers have it if we loose power. Blizzard Juno has dumped about two feet of snow on us during the last 12 hours!
Romeo, Finally
He makes his appearance, and o what an appearance!
Hope it's working for you now?
Trying a little something different on the art. What do you think?