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This is quite an interesting comic, shame they aren't completing it. :c
Damn pokemon food is so expensive!
Oh wow the leveling sorta idea for the food is really clever! :0
Man those trees must have taken foreverrr rip
Dude this is really damn good so far I love everything so far
WAIT THERE'S MORE? :0 I approve.
I still love this comic it's amazing and really interesting so far
So far this comic is really cool! I'm very interested in the characters and what's going on! :D
*chants for more seriousness*
Whoop! This comic looks interesting!
Whoa what, this took a huge twist I wasn't expecting! :D
Ooooh this is interesting so far! :D What program do you use to draw?
Oooooo I love the designs and the style of the pokemon you draw! I can't wait to see more!
I gotta say I'm loving the comic so far, it was a little slow at the beginning but once it picked up it was like everything was set to go! I'm loving all the dynamic lighting and the unique designs of the dragons, the world you've built and the threatening enemies you've made! Overall I'm thoroughly enjoying it and I really hope you continue!
They're a purple Dragon?! Ooooo
This is such a pretty comic with such well designed characters! What do you all use to draw?
Ohno steven don't ask that. I don't think you'd like the answer.