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YAY! He lived!
November 9th, 2017
And Adam's still in Hell.
He is quite the mental gymnast!
@reddog_f13: So then if he lost his family why would it be a bad thing to find happiness in another mate? I'm not one who really ships anyone together. Males can be friends with females, females can be friends with males, males likewise with other males, and females with other females. Their friendliness and building of a bond doesn't necessarily mean they're going to be mates.

But even so, even IF these two were to end up together, and he IS the male who experienced a tragedy and lost a family or mate, why would it be a bad thing to eventually move on and find happiness? Neither dog here would be hurting anyone, especially any prior mates.
@Ash2004: Mate? Who is mated here? Neither of these two have any established mates.
It keeps saying there's a new page, but I just see this page.
@dragonschylde: Remember he mounted her before they entered the Meteor Camp? I know that doesn't guarantee anything, but it seemed like a good hint that it might.
I am very happy! Yay!
People talking about the rabbit, if it's anything like a /real/ rabbit, it already had a heart attack and died, haha.

Personally, I'd be pissed at my "friend" for being deceitful and bringing someone I obviously wanted no physical/verbal contact with. I wouldn't trust that chick ever again, sort of thing.
@GabrielGrey: Yes, it is common, but it is wrong in certain context structures. Kind of like WOULD OF or WOULD HAVE.

But as I said nicely, if this is something typical of his character to not know then to ignore me. :) It adds depth and diversity to characters.
@lunabob: It's a common error as that format does not mean what they are trying to say.

Try AND insinuates two separate actions.

Try TO is the complete sentence to connect the actions.
Then try TO take him! :)

Common grammatical error. Unless that's part of his character not to know that. Then just ignore me!
Honestly, this woman makes amazingly realistic wings - AND THEY MOVE. It's so awesome. I want to buy some from her one day.
That logic. Flawless. [Slow clap]
I'm not going to lie. I am ridiculously excited right now. I came across this comic and immediately recognized the characters from the first comic I started reading YEARS ago. But I lost it when I lost everything to an unfortunate incident.

Something about finding this comic and the other and just brings some nostalgia back. I'm so happy!
December 20th, 2016
Honestly, I hope she makes the claim he looks pathetic.
I love his honesty.