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I would hands down read a full timeline comic or anything involving these two. Even if you don't, though, these little slices of life are just enough for me to piece together a general idea of who they are and what their days may be like.

It may seem silly to say, but even though they're not human, they feel relatable to me (and others I bet) on some level. The anxiety episodes for sure.

I feel like even if you don't do a comic spread the way your comic had been previously (old fan here haha) even just continuing these slices is just right. But you do you and do what makes you feel comfortable. I understand what you mean about the disappointment.

Oh! And before I forget to ask, would you be fine with me sharing your comic link to my blog? To recommend them to you? It's not a huge website or anything, but I know some of the audience I bring in would also like to read this. If not I understand!
@Bluedramon: I'm sure they are more than well aware that she's not an immediate threat to spreading The Bad yet considering she hasn't been completely turned. It was much easier to round them all up as a group and push them in a group together, even momentarily, before singling her out in a controlled environment than to do so while they were all running earlier. It would be very easy for them to shoot her right there from the edge of the pen if they wanted to.
So conflicting to be able to consume the emotions others want to give away but then be consumed by such powerful emotions yourself . . . :(
I can only imagine a wet "schmack" sound when he talks, haha!
God, a lot of times these cases were for ridiculously stupid reasons. Rampant homophobia, religious intolerance, hate crimes, supernatural paranoia (i.e. salem witch trial shit), et cetera. I'm definitely invested to see where this all goes.
What a horrific way to go, honestly. If you weren't fortunate enough to pass out from the initial shock on the system, you would be slowly asphyxiating while suffering excruciating burns covering your entire body. Poor bugger. :(
I have literally no idea what you just said. Becomes squick? Stop saying what? That it's a father/daughter dynamic?
I clicked on this comic faster than I care to admit when I recognized the robot! Aah! So happy to see them again. Love your style and stories. :)

It's very much a father/daughter dynamic.
Looks like they were tarred and feathered? Or I'm blind and completely wrong lol.
Happy to see this back! Love it.
@evilnidhogg: Didn't know Piss came in a diet variety! Gotta watch that sugar intake.
February 9th, 2019
He's awake! He's aware!
December 3rd, 2018
Guys, he's been holding his bow the whole time. Why are people assuming she's holding the bow?
October 30th, 2018
Honestly, with the kind of childhood they endured (family included in that hell), I doubt I would have returned at all. Jeez.
aaah did I do this right? I was trying to reply to the person who made the porn comment.
Methinks you watch too much porn, my friend.
September 21st, 2018
I would cry and soil myself. :)