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Does this mean the comic is gonna be in color?
I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say Claire didn't "drop out" of the Rescuers, she got fired.
I Think Georges brain just broke.
@WiispNightmare: You're right, my mistake. Why is this Hypno such an ass?
Why is this Drowzee such an ass?
Okay, this Ninetales is a douche.
Man, Claire's kind of a dick isn't she?
Alt text checking is something that gets engraved in you.
And then their heads exploded. The End.
Oh thank Arceus it wasn't a joke.
Spooky Ghostie?
If this is a joke I'm gonna find you and kick your ass.
What, no April fools gag?
@comercole: Probably not. Lux landed on the cliff face on the side of town opposite Tiny Woods.
Have fun getting lost.
Poor Celebi is gonna have issues after a few weeks of people freaking out at his demon eyes.
How does Lux know poison is weak to ground?
I love the reactions from the Espeon and Umbreon.