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Mysterious Cowtaur?
@Salen: A boot to the head.
@I'm here for the comics.: Something tells me this island isn't as dangerous as Australia.
What the hell even is this comic!?
@Tehpikachu: She is most definitely a villain.
This is gonna end with the girls losing their extra arms and the guys growing them isn't it?
This feels like passive aggressive pay back. The best kind.
Happy Birthday Sly!
What time of year is it that they could actually see Sagittarius?
He's not gonna try to steal from George is he? Not that George doesn't have pokemon coming out her butt.
Oh God I hope it's nothing serious. Take as much time as you need.
The Hell are you asking me about a Victory Fire MST3K? You know I'm not even 21 right? But in answer to your question, I think Jen, Kecleon, Wes, and Mewtwo should be the people that watch the Movie. Jen and Kecleon would be the naive people that get really into the dumb plots. Wes would be the guy with all the sexual inuendos that would fly over the little kids heads and Mewtwo would be the guy who makes dated movie references that no one gets. N and Darkrai would be the other people on the SOL that take part in the between movie skits. And Lovrina and Victini would be the two jerks that send the cheesy movies, the worst they could find. And yes, Mewtwo is smiling in the last panel.
Not just that, on the smackjeeves page it lists all other pages as "New".
The heck happened to the page date info?
Happy New Year!
Oh I have faith in Mewtwo and his ability's, and Arceus knows he's earned a win after the parade of losses the comic seems to like tossing at him, it's just I also have faith in Lovrina being a tricky pixie and Hoopa messing things up for the hell of it.
Happy New Year! This so isn't gonna work like they hope.
Well at least one of them is having fun.
I hope this scorpion lady follows the natural law of scorpion venom becoming less potent the larger the scorpion is.
I really hope Hoopa doesn't mess things up.