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Someone needs a hug. Just don't let him do the hugging.
I wonder if this will end with him giving him mouth to mouth.
Dude, when doesn't Darkrai look like he's about to cry?
Oh god, tell me they didn't just do a fusion dance.
I hope Darkrai can be calmed down after he's done.
I wonder if this building will still be standing by the end of the chapter.
@Syvi: Oh absolutely.
And I thought Kingdom Hearts 2 had a long ass prologue.
@TheJGamer: Especially when they have stars in them.
Atty isn't about to Mega-Evolve is he?
That is a lot of Purple.
What the hell is that black thing behind Mewtwo in panel five?
Atty looks like a damn zombie.
I like where this is going.
Well that went as well as could be expected.
And then Topaz turned into Arceus and all the puny mortals kowtowed to her magnificence.
I wonder which ones will be left for the others to fight.
Time to raid the club of implied bestiality!