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Oh man I hate it when I'm right.
I like how they acknowledged that the pirates were total fuck sticks.
Looks like something from Subnautica. I like it.
How much you wanna bet the next page has Mewtwo crying?
Oh, maybe it's like how in Gates to Infinity that Pokemon get weaker the closer they got to the Bittercold but Humans weren't affected.
Is it bad that I want Mycaelis to rot in Hell?
Damn, you go girl.
Oh boy, welcome to retail hell Myu.
The second speed form one looks like that Squidward meme.
Oooh Aaahh. Pretty.
Have fun being Milk Carton of the Week.
"This is a story that was told to me, long ago. Once, there was a Human, and a Pokemon. The Human was cruel and thoughtless, and treated the Pokemon with disdain. But the Pokemon remained by its partner, for the Pokemon had a faithful and loving heart. Then, one day, something happened... something terrible. On that day, the sacred trust between Humans and Pokemon was broken. And as a result, the world was put out of balance. Now, there are some who say that the Human managed to earn redemption, and restore balance to the world. Me... I don't believe in happy endings...
Well that escalated quickly.
And thus Atticus Brent's head exploded.
So say we all!
Speaking of N, I wonder what he and Wes are up to.
@Pokemontrainergigi: OH GOD! WHAT HAVE I -partly- DONE!
I don't know how I feel about being hit on by a character I'm partially responsible for existing.