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Oh wow. You can actually see the moment where his soul dies.
That is most definitely a death ray.
@Cave: Yaaaay!
I give this happy moment 4 pages. 10 tops.
Darkrai is such a cutie.
And here's were it all falls down.
I think cow girl here needs to reconsider her target audience.
"Well his parents are dead and his brother is a total fuckstick. Also by all his accounts his parents were fuckheads as well."
Lovrina is totally gonna sabotage this.
You know Mewtwo is onto something, remember, Bill got fused with a Clefairy in Red and Blue.
Oh boy, Jen and Lovrina are in the same room.
The father is either dead or the true villain.
I hope this is a regular, not evil, storm.
Darkrai should keep his hair like that.
We can has Dragonthing now?
Mewtwo should become a let's player for sim games.
"Capture" Sure.
Hope things work out for you. Happy Halloween.
That's an awesome looking blankie.