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Well Gengars life is ruined.
Avis is gonna need a new bandanna.
I hope she turns into a Arceus.
Helps us weird ass Espurr, you're our only hope.
Oh boy, you bring Lovrina back and she's a vegetable. Waka Waka!
How the hell has Vagus not exsanguinated by now?
I wonder what Lovrina is doing right now?
Avis used Shove! It's Super Effective!
Oh hi! I almost forgot you were in this comic!
Like I said, Rayquaza sucked at his job before he was invented.
Wait, what was that about egg grits?
To paraphrase That Dude in the Suede's Pokemon movie review, "Wow Rayquaza really sucked at his job before he was invented."
So basically you're saying that you're fine with actual criminals stealing from you but not stupid kids that don't know any better?
Olly olly oxen free!
@MercenaryX Ash made an appearance in a flashback in page 470. Though you can't make out any details since he's stone at the time and shown from far away.
Oh boy, grab some snacks Darkrai this is gonna be a long story.
I would love to hear how Mewtwo sounds with a broken nose.
@Dem (Guest)
Lovrina is from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness for the GameCube, which is the sequel to Pokemon Coliseum which is where Wes is from. In that game she was one of Admins of the villainous Cipher as well as their head scientist. Her main project was the titular XD project, which was about making a shadow Pokemon that could not be purified. In the game the fruit of this project was XD001 aka Shadow Lugia. In this comic the project continued and produced XD002 aka Darkrai, and XD003 aka Victini.
Take a look, it's in a book! A Reading Rainbow!
@Pokemontrainergigi: The Dahaka is a monster that tries to kill the main character because he used his magic dagger to rewind time and change his fate.