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I can only wonder when the other shoe is gonna drop and all this happiness ends.
"I must ensure he grows into an enormous assclown."
...Atty is never gonna see Dragonthing again is he?
@somerandomguynumber1: Pretty sure he's still a sperm at this point.
I'm confused. What's going on in the last two panels?
She's 11.
I still hope Jen goes home to her Mom. Or better yet, they can bring her Mom there!
Well this all went to shit really quick didn't it?
Ya sure it's a good idea to leave the space globe in the open like that where any evil Pumpkin or morally ambiguous Genie could grab it?
I wonder how Lovrina will react to her sister accidentally killing Victini.
Okay, she acknowledged she was being hard on Mewtwo. Lopunny is now fine in my book.
They changed the spelling after X and Y.
I'm still not the biggest fan of Lopunny.
Topaz's ass is gonna be so red when this is all over.
The species you are thinking of is called Miraluka.
@Wolfier (Guest)
Darkrai sees in blue.
Wow, early post. Also, that is just mean Gengar.
I think Atty needs a new pair of eyeballs.
NO! You made Leon cry!
Something tells me the world is still rebooting .