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@Guest: The 12th of never.
I hope Mewtwo is having nice dreams.
Could be worse, they could be talking to an actual photographer.
Take it away Slappy.
Someone is getting their ass kicked... it's Atty isn't it?
We missed DWD showing his new horse butt to his parents? Damn it!
They will eat well tonight.
Why do I get the feeling Jen is gonna be the only one capable of reading Lovrinas notes?
Cause Gengar doesn't read English and Wes and N aren't exactly academics.
There actually was a manga adaptation of Red and Blue rescue where the hero goes back in the end. ( scue_Team)
Though that story plays the "It was all a dream or was it?" card and cuts the story short from the games so make of that what you will.
Dude, it's a reference to team Plasma from black and white. N was raised to be their leader.
They probably should take what Lovrina wrote with a grain of salt.
And Artemis never saw them again.
@Old Crow: What about the Kitty-taur and that one lady who turned into a four armed bunny? Also, whatever happened to those people?
All aboard the murder train! Choo choo.
Are people still spontaneously growing Horse butts? Cause I think this boss could do with one.
What's with the pair of eyes in the first panel?
Damn it, why does it seem like all the comics I made my account for are ending at the same time? In seriousness though I respect your decision and I can tell that it sure as hell wasn't easy to make. I look forward to anything else you make in the future because your artwork and sense of humor kicks serious ass.
Yeah, blackmail doesn't work if the person you're blackmailing doesn't give a damn.