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Oh crap, Darkrai is backsliding again isn't he?
It's been a while.
I really hope the town will still be there when they return.
I can't shake the feeling that this will all end horribly.
I like the detail on her fur.
I predict that as soon as everyone leaves, Victini will show up and make everyone shadow Pokemon, then lead them on a war march to Destiny Tower.
In retrospect,this whole fight situation does kinda look a little different.
Yes this is a perfect time for a flashback. It's not as if THE BOAT IS ON FIRE!!
Yeah, that oughta do it, thanks Del.
Shit, this must be serious if Atty is willingly running.
Well that was easy.
I was wondering when she'd finally get a scarf.
I think it's time to either abandon ship, or steal the enemy's.
Damn, he got there way faster then I was expecting.
Yay! Hugs!
But now I expect Victini to show up and turn N into a shadow pokemon.
Enjoy the cramp in you back when you wake up.
This is gonna be good. *Grabs popcorn*
I just had this wonderful mental image of Mewtwo working in an office cubicle.
Yes, mop the blood that you spilled.
When she comes around the corner, use that vine like a garrote.