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Darkrai should join a hair band.
@WiispNightmare: So it'll hurt even worse when it all turns to shit.
Looks like it's nap time.
@Pokemontrainergigi: What can I say, you make cool fishies.
He looks like he would fit right in in Subnautica.
I get the feeling that the next words out of Jens mouth are gonna be," I wanna go home."
Shes gonna wear a hipster beret to prove she is an "Artist" isn't she?
Topaz please don't pull a Ronnie Raymond in Futures End on Atticus.
Now THAT is the best looking Lucario I've ever seen.
...Well I don't think anyone was expecting that.
1000 poke that Hoopa helped Jen but for its own benefit.
Hello hot chick how could probably kill my ass in 2 seconds. Hows it going?
Well, that is something else.
Well, that's a thing.
I bet $1000 poke and a vile seed that Hoopa won't make a move until AFTER they fix the universe.
Not to be a contrarian here, but I think Hoopa is being genuinely helpful here. I'm pretty sure what ever Hoopa wants doesn't involve the world ending, so I think he/she/it wants to help get things fixed.
Um, I think the Author needs a hug.
Well this isn't gonna end well.
Wheres Sparx?