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Wow. This is the closest Atty has looked to happy since... ever.
No offense, but what good will a geologist do in this circumstance?
Way to go little Trogdor.
August 15th, 2019
They are so not gonna be safe.
At least the password wasn't password.
@comercole: I think he's commenting on your grammar.
Outlaw's appearance.
What, no extra eyes? Lame.
Came *to* ask for help.
Nothing says 1000 pages like identity fraud.
As far as retcons go, these are ones I can get behind.
You don't need the s at the end of looks in panel 7.
In panel 5, I think you meant to say, "I won't go into details..." and you don't need the s at the end of specifics.
Scared to talk about God?
Called it.
So is this gonna be the new status quo? George catches every Pokemon she sees and Atty gives them to Team Rocket on the sly? Cause I would actually be on board with that.
Let me guess. This HAS been happening all along, this is just the first time he's actually gonna remember it because something has been messing with his dreams.
I love that face on the Umbreon in panel 6.