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Don't worry about needing to take a break. Just don't leave us in the lurch.
They live in Spain? Neat.
@Centaur71: They want to study the "first" Centaurs.
I love the Kecleons face.
@Rubombee: Exactly! What are animals doing in a Pokemon story?
Okay seriously, what are those supposed to be?
I love the little sandshrew hourglass.
Eat you hobo!
Eat you hobo!
Oh goody money with an actual design! I'm a sucker for fictional currency that has actual thought put into it. None of that generic "Gold" here!
And then they died.
It's been like that since the hiatus started. It also lists all the pages as "New".
Yeah! Screw criminals getting punished! ...Wait what?
Pay half upfront so you don't get scammed.
Nice cloak.
...Did they just murder her?
At least someone had the bright idea to give the amnesiac training instead of tossing him face first into danger.
Wow. Both those guys are assholes.