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Machine Envy?
Extermi-nope-us. Nope it from orbit with your Sacred A-nope-ics. Do /not/ want.
Two things that I enjoy about this entry.

1.) Kosomov going to town.
2.) Huh? What was that!
@peachpunk: pfffffffahahahahahaha.
@Metal C0Mmander: I disagree in regards to your stormtrooper theory. Im guessing that the stormtroopers are either an intro for Cutter's PC (unless he was a Comrade) to make a new character or there are FUN!(TM) things awaiting (in the Dwarf Fortress sense.)
@peachpunk: Butthole damage? B-B-B-BUTTHOLE BREAKER!!!
Thennn the roll to motivate the Ogryn crit fails and he throws a tantrum, which kills his Little 'Un and sends him into a blind fit of stupid, Hulk-like fury. Huzzah for the RNGod! Dice for the dice throne!