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Artist stalker.
Oh no oh no oh no nope nopity nope nope hahaha RUN AWAY LUCKY FRIKIN RUN RIGHT NOW!
April 23rd, 2015
Some people...
Don't listen to 'em. Personally I really love this comic. It's unique all the way through. It's characters are so well written and realistic. I can understand why mental illnesses like schizophrenia aren't really touched on. It makes a lot of people angry for some reason. When They are touched on it's mostly people making fun of the illness. Maybe I'm just oblivious and haven't read enough. Okay, this comment got really long.

In short, this comic is amazing and unique and some people have just got to stop being petty and shut up. :)
Oh no! Her dress was to puffy! I'm laughing but also very nervous for them.
*cries* Noooooo I've caught up T^T! Ugh, this comic is amazing so far! Can't wait for more ^^