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never trust vaporizing your heroic foes to work, they have this annoying ability to dodge and use the blast as a sort of smoke screen.
Well, unfortunately the only real way to make sure a hero from their association dies for good is dismemberment and thoroughly destroying the dismembered pieces.
More or less cut to pieces, put through a meat grinder then dissolved in acid, then dump that acid into a void or a volcano or something.

For less organic foes the process is similar but instead of a meat grinder you're going to have to more or less "nuke" the pieces. depending on what they're made of. Ashes and slag should be the universal death to all things.
The line's a bit less straight when you're not exactly well off. .... Annoying thing is that it becomes next to none existent when you're too well off.
Though to be honest Gail's line should be somewhere around open manslaughter.
I mean, superpowers are at play here so there's bound to be some time when open manslaughter's actually an ok thing. Maybe zombies show up at some point.
Because if he leaves a good chunk of the reason of the group goes with him Checks and balances ya know.
I feel like some pages are missing for some reason.
Well.... Shit. His brother's broken.
Twice over, technically.
.... anyone else find it a bit ironic the bounty hunters badge is still star shaped?
might as well just call them a sheriff or a marshal..... well, guess the current "government" is a bit too crooked for that.
Because someone's going to win as an evil overlord eventually, possibly even using my tech, so I might as well do the job.

Also it's rather fun when things go smoothly.

Sound about right?
Well, off to find her husband then.
Ah. Close enough then.

Also: critical thinking for the win.
Huh. That's.... that's practically nothing at this point.
...... Wait what's that bottle of? Piss? only other thing I can think it could be in this context might be laxatives but I think he'd be far more cooperative if that was the case.
..... Wait a minute anyone else find it suspicious that Jasper had music playing on loop in his head? That's one of the more subtle mind reading blocks there is.
Looks like a different breed of Sherrif to me.... only, you know "legal".... Well legal as anything can be in a government run by mobsters.
Irony abounds.
Only until they age past a certain point, then they bring out fluid movements and kung fu.
Well Max, you can start by not looking like some supermodel, looking ridiculous tends to undermine the whole image of negotiating from a position of strength.

Though to be honest I'm wondering if Sean's next words, if he's going to continue talking, are going to be ones that throw Jasper under the bus or just to clear up that Gail did not order anyone to kidnap Will... possibly in a way that implies that they didn't kidnap him.

*double checks cast page* .... oh... How did I not notice that Will is Amber's cousin who's sort of a little brother not Amber's little brother. I wonder how I misread that.
.... I want to say the best way to deal with being physically weaker than pretty much everything you might be faced with is to be prepared to kill everything and anything with cheap tricks but that seems like something that'd require a drastic personality shift to learn.... and a far more scumbag type teacher to learn from.
Think Sean's having a bit of almost deja-vu about that particular sort of conversation? I remember him being part of a similar one with Gail and Jasper when Jasper brought his hostage in.
@sun tzu That was a "might as well since he's already here" sort of thing. I already went over the whole bit about her being ok with killing Amber IF IT CAME DOWN TO IT.

Either way I don't have rose tinted glasses, I'd have some sort of shitty brown tinted ones if anything. Stems from how I'm perfectly fine with hurting people if it would benefit me. It generally won't so I don't.

You know for a guy borrowing the name (or something that reads close enough) of the Author of the Art of War you don't seem to remember how dark that thing generally is. Not to mention a lack of circumstantial awareness. So far this is nothing. Hell it's pretty much just benign so far.