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Looks like the tribal magic that saved her life had some, more or less benign, side effects.
. . . One moment, I need to go feet Gail her shoes, followed by her socks. . . . or not, depending if she throws Jasper under the proverbial bus in the next page. granted, there's the whole "your minion, your responsibility" response.
. . . well this is awkward. Think this can be settled with out a fight happening? .......... then again I just can't seem to see that happening.
. . . Jasper really needs to learn how to fucking follow directions and not actively try to make shit worse.
Aye, I have very little faith in hotheads with recently granted super powers not immediately moving to rash decisions in these kinds of situations.
. . . Well Amber's going to charge in and make things worse.
@Tepig16: it's called lying through his teeth.
Mmmmm.... I'd argue something about shoddy building but then I remember Jupiter's suffering from shoddy self maintenance. either way I'd hope his inners are built to be able to ignore a medium caliber pistol bullet. what hit him's probably something around a 9mm to a .45... probably closer to a 9mm. Either way, what Jupiter requires to stay alive is just energy as far as I can tell.
@Tepig16: he's a robot, a gut wound won't kill him.... then again he's advanced enough to have pain receptors so who knows if he's actually that fragile... ..... I mean, I don't think he's that fragile, and it doesn't make much sense to make a robot that can stop functioning that easily, but at the same time, the pain receptors don't make quite all that much sense either to me.
I'm sorry, where you saying that they were lacking the proper weapons?
@Tepig16: mmm... just a guess but I think it's towards the van.
..... You'd think weapons safeties would be more advanced in a setting with robotics.
she reminds me of the happy mask salesman
hope the door's ajar, having to turn around to open them'll be a pain... oh wait the kitchen's right out that door so he'd be able to grab a knife to cut himself loose if he acts fast enough.
........ I really hope Becca's joking about the whole supervillain academy thing. super powers suddenly getting thrust into your life doesn't come with that sort of bonus package unless you were scouted out for it.
Gail's more a sort of clerical error.
Or glitch.
It'd be interesting to see what Amazingman's reaction to Dr. Kinesis' whole "this is my backstory and why I'm doing what I'm doing, also that scene of me hitting my female business partner was partially out of context."
.... which'd probably have to happen before anything remotely close to fixing this mess would have calling Amazingman in to help.

............ kinda funny how it's likely that the two are going to save the world together before that whole mess gets cleared up.
adventuring is physically intensive work, why wouldn't it leave you sore? Particularly if you're sommat on the scrawny side.
......... Think Jasper's going through murder withdrawal or something? wait no that tends to look far worse than just harping on taking hostages and keeping them even when it'd be wise to not have them in the first place.
probably would be easier to pull Blip out form under there by his head. smaller lumps to roll over that way and all.
..... just noticed but Blip is some kind of sentient rubber isn't he?
....... huh the doom's main theme just started playing in my head.... and by main theme I mean this one: