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Oooh that's a nice saber, though I'm questioning why its been partially unsheathed while resting in the box.

Anyways it definitely isn't an ordinary blade... probably some elemental effect... lightning or darkness maybe. Possibly both. Not a lot of things give off that sort of color when imbued into a weapon. There's at least a handful more but they all seem a bit too powerful to be just handed away like this.

... Could also have a vampiric effect though that seems something like a bad pun given the local population.
Wellll..... Swanson's only behind this via the responsibility of leadership. Jasper's the only one who can really be considered behind this on a mastermind level.

.... Wait what information is Jasper hoping to get from Will again? I can't remember.
Those are fighting words.
How far is Johnson from the fight again? The rest of the cast needs backup.
Elegant sighing. It's in cursive.

I hope Jasper hasn't been too rough with the kid. And by that I mean he's still living with all his limbs, fingers, toes and minimal scarring.
The exclamation of hope is a bad sign... given the nature of the infected and all.
August 13th, 2017
Gotta be honest, Freedom's a little bit pointless without the power to protect it.
Given how easy it is to loose.
latest two pages are double posted.... OR there's supposed to be some sort of "spot the difference" here that I'm not seeing.

That said, the red ball's likely both a key and some sort of power source. whether it's a battery or some sort of generator's another matter.
More X chromosomes in the party! Chaos will start now.
Aye it's one of those cursed hotspring gender conditions.
Oh that's Anna in the picture frame on the last page. It's presence makes far more sense now.

And do I smell blackmail coming on now?
Oh, superhero credit cards.

.... wait are those HIS superhero credit cards or did he pick up pick pocketing?
Loving couple morning! you wouldn't think these two were up to anything illegal or out of the ordinary... other than perhaps being a same sex couple but I don't care about that personally.

... is it just me or have the cast mug shots gone and wandered off somewhere? Now I can't check to see if that is Darius in the framed picture there and I'm wondering what that's doing there.

*back to the photo* .... I'd buy it being ink but not jam.
I don't like that blood on the photo there.
@edgeblade: Given how well mythril acts as a light weight magic conductor, as well as being strong as hell for the weight, that's more of a given then a betting material.
Ah, there he is, missed his picture.
Start the timer, they've noticed his absence.
*checks cast page* Yep, He's a new one. This shall be interesting.
@JetDaGoat: Kinda surprised he hasn't popped it back into place yet. Magic skeletons are rather like Bionicles, seeing how they lack muscle or skin to get int the way of that sort of assembly/disassembly.
"at least one of me" Ok then, definitely something in the same ball park of "Four swords" is going on here.
@ProjectAkrav: Ah, that explains everything but where the kids came from then.