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.... I want to say the best way to deal with being physically weaker than pretty much everything you might be faced with is to be prepared to kill everything and anything with cheap tricks but that seems like something that'd require a drastic personality shift to learn.... and a far more scumbag type teacher to learn from.
Think Sean's having a bit of almost deja-vu about that particular sort of conversation? I remember him being part of a similar one with Gail and Jasper when Jasper brought his hostage in.
@sun tzu That was a "might as well since he's already here" sort of thing. I already went over the whole bit about her being ok with killing Amber IF IT CAME DOWN TO IT.

Either way I don't have rose tinted glasses, I'd have some sort of shitty brown tinted ones if anything. Stems from how I'm perfectly fine with hurting people if it would benefit me. It generally won't so I don't.

You know for a guy borrowing the name (or something that reads close enough) of the Author of the Art of War you don't seem to remember how dark that thing generally is. Not to mention a lack of circumstantial awareness. So far this is nothing. Hell it's pretty much just benign so far.
@sun tzu If Gail was ok with torture Amber's brother would have been far more roughed up than he was with just a split lip, black eye and bloody nose. That's just minor roughing up. doesn't even count as torture, just physical intimidation. Also all the killing has been on Jasper's initiative, not Gail's orders. as Spartan's listed out, Amber's the only one who Gail's approved of lethal measures if it comes to that.

Check your glasses for rose lenses.
.... Amber is really unaware about how Gail's far closer to Anti-hero than Scumbag territory isn't she? Jasper's psychotic and closer to scumbag territory than anyone else in Gail's group... and he doesn't entirely count.
Mech bodies for souls..... I think this one ups the Protoss Dragoons for keeping handicaps in the war zone if that thing uses those soul gems for power.

..... or this is just magitech being born. Either or.
Wrong word. Vain, not vein.
.... Gotta say I'm dubious on how a duelists technique will be useful for more than building a foundation. Solifidians don't seem to be easy to funnel into a place where they have to come one by one.... not to mention something about how techniques for fighting in a ring/with sportsmanship tend to be at a disadvantage in an actual fight.

Bags of tricks are for when you're otherwise outmatched in speed and strength... and possibly cunning too.
.......... The Cold War and Cuban missile crisis just popped into my head when I read this. Saw this coming when Amber noticed Sean on the streets.

Amber is wayyyy too new at this whole thing, not to mention not in any mind set good for interrogation. I hope she doesn't seriously maim and/or kill Sean.

...... Can we throw Jasper in front of the bus after this? This is his fault.
.......... Turn about is fair play is Jasper's fault.
First rule with confirming the death of heroes, they ain't dead till you've personally made them that way, then dismembering their corpse and did cremation overkill by cremating each bit individually before mixing each jar of remains with junk ashes so they're more junk than remains then scatter those ashes to the winds and across the seas*. *if there are freshwater seas on your planet then do it on the undrinkable ones.
AH, I think I know what Charles (guest) is talking about with reworking the first couple pages.

They're confusing reworking with remastering. They are trying to point out how much your style has evolved since the start and maybe something about consistency. OR something.

You know what, just take a look at the start of the comic, then back to this page then back to the first page of the comic again. You should be seeing what they're trying to get across then.
Looks a bit like a flare gun. I'm not the only one seeing what looks like a hinge by the trigger guard right?
September 19th, 2017
"Little." Right. Yeah. Where's my dynamite and lighter.
Gail should have some measure of fear for Amber on a rampage. Her power package is somewhat of a bootleg from Amber's retail copy. It's better than not having it but, well, it's inferior to what Amber got. In reliability anyways.
.... you know I'm fairly certain they should have on record that this just doesn't work against Sheriffs.... How long has it been since they fought one again?
Ok, you got its attention, time to lead it on a merry chase. RUN!
Someone's being mind controlled... partially by boobs but I can't blame her for that last bit.
Yeah, besides I know better than to try my hand at that. There's good reason that the families of superheroes and similar types are implied rather heavily as off limits when it comes to that kind of torture... for the reason Gail brought up more than anything else.
So wait, this the first time they* tried to artillery bomb a Sheriff on a bike fleeing ahead of them or something? OR is it due to how they thought they got them all that they've lost their touch?

*the coalition as a whole