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Ah yeah, this is another point that aids in turning "heroes" into "villains".
I think Jasper's not quite comprehending the tone shift just now.
@Broken Gear Wouldn't know about that, besides, they'd only gradually start to turn as depression sets in over a long period of time. A slave by any other name, regardless of what they do on a day to day basis, is still a slave. Choking a bit from the collar, so to speak, happens eventually. Depending on the personality/mindset of the, uh, slave that is.
... how many heroes become villains because of this?
I foresee... Jasper getting punched in the face pretty soon.
Ah, so they're taking the not entirely wanted hostage to the safehouse... ok then.
Eh, not entirely sure that's where the saying* comes from but it stands up.
*don't look a gift horse in the mouth
--back to the page-
Well, this is either going to be good news or bad...
.... Suddenly being a superhero's a whole lot like being a debt slave.
This page is more or less Etoya giving a demonstration of "looking a gift horse in the mouth".
... I just remembered that you can check a horse's health from looking in their mouth and that's important to prevent yourself from getting conned in the horse trade, but it's not really necessary and also'd be a bit rude when the horse is being given to you for free.

I pick up way to much from fiction books.
past life memory flashback of inconvenience!
Just wait for the rebuttal kid.
... Jasper would make a very good hitman for some mob or another if he got some training in that field. Hell, he's almost there anyways.
Well, it's about damn time. *throws Johnson a Cigar*
@Lazy!spartan: ... you can't turn on a dish rack... Also that sounds more like a spa treatment then torture/interrogation... well other than the feather tickling.
Re: Everyone's fascination with the chair
Must be because we lack the morals to mention anything else. But yeah, that looks like a comfy-ass armchair. Aren't prisoners usually trussed up on rather uncomfortable ones instead?
That's a comfy looking chair.
Yeah, about how your consciousness got transferred into a robot mech body way back when. ... Frying your flesh and blood one in the process.
... I wonder what his reaction would be if he learned that his "arch nemesis" happens to only be doing the evil villain thing because someone's bound to succeed eventually and he just wants it done with minimal bloodshed?
Gail needs to remind Jasper about boss-subordinate pecking order. The one where she's the one on the top of the pyramid.

... Also ground rules when dealing with a super powered entity.

You know, there are ways to continue a relationship in secret, and that breakup could have been used as a rather nice smoke screen if done right.
Pity it never occurred to them though... or if it did that they didn't act on it.

Though that said, what the fuck are those groups of idiots complaining about? if you're leader is getting laid on a regular basis then odds are good that they're less likely to snap and bite someone's head off! Given the races involved, these two could do that literally instead of metaphorically.