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........ I really hope Becca's joking about the whole supervillain academy thing. super powers suddenly getting thrust into your life doesn't come with that sort of bonus package unless you were scouted out for it.
Gail's more a sort of clerical error.
Or glitch.
It'd be interesting to see what Amazingman's reaction to Dr. Kinesis' whole "this is my backstory and why I'm doing what I'm doing, also that scene of me hitting my female business partner was partially out of context."
.... which'd probably have to happen before anything remotely close to fixing this mess would have calling Amazingman in to help.

............ kinda funny how it's likely that the two are going to save the world together before that whole mess gets cleared up.
adventuring is physically intensive work, why wouldn't it leave you sore? Particularly if you're sommat on the scrawny side.
......... Think Jasper's going through murder withdrawal or something? wait no that tends to look far worse than just harping on taking hostages and keeping them even when it'd be wise to not have them in the first place.
probably would be easier to pull Blip out form under there by his head. smaller lumps to roll over that way and all.
..... just noticed but Blip is some kind of sentient rubber isn't he?
....... huh the doom's main theme just started playing in my head.... and by main theme I mean this one:
All the Dakka!
skill and treachery will always prevail over power and inexperience.
ehhh, dunno about that. Amber's powers don't exactly make her bullet proof or nigh impervious to blades or bludgeon... last I knew.
And there's the Jackal. Fight incoming?
Well... Gotta be honest last stands like that are not something anyone should stick around in.
Running from that was a very good call. Not clearing his head and working on a long game of revenge till about now is... questionable.
Sean should add yoga or something other kind of exercise that gives that extra bit of flexibility to your joints when he gets out of there.
that and to start figuring out how properly hide a knife behind his back so he can use that to get rid of his bonds without needing to get his hands back in front of him.
Eh, his question still applies to this sort of journey. Spiritual Journey's do have a destination of sorts.
Pain is good, it means whatever tried to kill you failed. well, sorta.
Fairly certain you don't feel pain if you're dead.
ah, I posted that bit about the interruption a bit soon. It's either gonna show up the next page or the page after if my judge of events isn't too off.
something random interrupts the mushy moment in 3.... 2.... 1....
@lazy!spartanc45 (Guest), zombification is a postmortem transformation, one that tends to make a body's cells stop trying to live and reproduce, hence the flesh rotting. .... probably drastically oversimplifying that but that's all off the top of my head.
Huh. Six six-guns. those extra arms must've been a real pain to get used to.
Max still bleeds and heals, so he doesn't count as a zombie, just has a healing factor. now if he came back from the dead with his flesh rotting and missing a couple chunks of flesh that'd be a different matter entirely.
never trust vaporizing your heroic foes to work, they have this annoying ability to dodge and use the blast as a sort of smoke screen.