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always an awkward thing when you've cleared out the room of everything and everyone but the guys on your side but your combat instincts are still urging you on.
mmmm.... Yeah. There's the difference between normal people and guys like Manning here. Practical countermeasures at personal expense. Or however you want to call being both a quick thinker and not afraid to self mutilate themselves to make sure they keep a grudge. Assuming he's not going to have the case of "who the fuck does this name carved into my arm belong to?" which is fairly likely to be honest.
Well, that figures.
Didn't see it coming, but now that I've seen it I don't feel any surprise either.
This brother complains too damn much.
.... "It was fairly obvious" would be a less than helpful answer but also rather truthful tbh.
This is the first time we've seen the guy talk, hasn't it?
@Killsoty: ..... Wouldn't it just be better to get some weird magic thing like the first two that supports blood production or something instead though?
Had to look up Guarana, turns out the unusual drink stuff actually starts at the drugs and not the relatively unknown herb and it's elder variant.
Eh, Doctor Who playing Doctor Who Pinball ain't something you see that often.

Show it anyways.
........................................ Dude needs to read his history books better, that shit just makes martyrs and causes far more problems down the road. Sure, if the people by and large were content with what they're getting from the government/ruling class/whoever's in charge killing an open rebellion like that could work, provided their PR game is good enough.
I get the feeling like their PR's a bit shit AND people are rather tired of being treated like crap.
...... What's with the suped-up mp-40?
@Nester: I know what you're getting at but.......... No, I don't want anyone looking at me like THAT. That face is the creepy face of something I want to hit, mmm... mainly in the face with a baseball bat or other form of club or some type of oversized hammer.
Rule of Cool #0: Don't force it or it won't work.
.... Ok, yeah. Where's my torches and pitch fork? it's mobbing time.
*MEGAS-XLR vibes intensify*
.... Yeah I need to go pull up Megas XLR's opening theme real quick.
there we go.
cliff notes version
Steve when he hears "Zombie" and/or "Zombie apocalypse": "hold my beer."
"couple coming out and telling their super hero friend that's making it a bit of a triangle" awkward silence.
.... That hand caster needs futher calibration.
December 18th, 2018
@ZakAtk0331: bit like chicken to be honest, was better crispy fried but then so is chicken.