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you put down faction instead of fraction for that bit about how few bits of the crushed stones remain.
Shove your blade up their crotch! shove your blade up their crotch!
@Guest: we're talking about a girl who can take down a dragon in single combat... she'll look something like a mummy after it but she can still take down the dragon and live.

But, eh, sparring match. Not a death duel.
........... those bits of foam are, at most, a scratch. even if the bits marked are along the bone or through the tendons you can still keep hold of a shield with those kinds of injuries. It's painful as all hell but you can still keep the shield up and and use it to block when needed.
power roullette landed on.... invisible whips? Either that or it's expanded Susan Storm (invisibility/free form force-fields) territory.
So can we take that part out to a nice chinese place then?
Just gonna take this punch and a hammer and hit the "good guys" Juuuuuuust so....
Eh, I doubt breaking Price's legs would keep her out of action for long. .... Then again I can't remember if her super power package included a healing factor.
Wasn't The Red Queen the name of an AI in Resident Evil's canon?
Ah right. Mind meltingly rich kids. not enough sense among them to fill a teaspoon.
. . . Think it's time to throw Jasper back into some solitary confinement yet? seems like he's loosing his usefulness rather quickly. Either that or set him in a direction of people he can do away with.
Jasper seemed smarter than this when he was first introduced.
@MrocnyZbik Gail could do that, but these two are not really at the point where one of them has to die.... they can possibly go down that road but it seems unlikely to me.
....... Amber is not taking her fighting lessons seriously, or is too angry to remember them. Her foot work's non existent while Gail's got something boxer-esk going on. My gut says this is going to be close to a one sided beat down in Gail's favor if Amber doesn't change during it.... Well either that or Gail's going to do a bit of dancing while Amber's throwing punches.
Justice is relative..... and requires knowledge of all the facts and an impartial and unbiased mindset..... Amber's a bit too green for trying for justice here.
Looks like the tribal magic that saved her life had some, more or less benign, side effects.
. . . One moment, I need to go feet Gail her shoes, followed by her socks. . . . or not, depending if she throws Jasper under the proverbial bus in the next page. granted, there's the whole "your minion, your responsibility" response.
. . . well this is awkward. Think this can be settled with out a fight happening? .......... then again I just can't seem to see that happening.
. . . Jasper really needs to learn how to fucking follow directions and not actively try to make shit worse.
Aye, I have very little faith in hotheads with recently granted super powers not immediately moving to rash decisions in these kinds of situations.
. . . Well Amber's going to charge in and make things worse.