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@Guest: Eh, can't be strong all the time.
.... people tend to forget that unarmed combat is a thing, huh?
.... Huh, Jas still has some minor bit of panic at the site of the prison guard uniform, eh? ... I mean really given things so far he shouldn't have jumped like that.
@metanight78: decapitation and/or dismemberment.... bullets would probably also work if she's unarmored but she's a tough bitch combined with a bit of "supporting female love interest to the main character" grade plot armor so it's rather doubtful that you'd actually be able to pull off any of those.
let's see... act 1 faces, act 2 faces, act 3 faces, and act 4 faces for the main three.... come to think of it ..... Fucking hell there's no cast page, digitized mind backup of Dr.Kenesis' best friend hasn't had much face time or said much lately.
Eh, considering that idiot that was responsible, not like the image caused his brain to start hemorrhaging blood from fear or his heart to explode from the same.
That's a lotta blood, however being too stubborn to die tends to get one to survive that sort of thing.
Unseen: the peep holes in the back wall for the male cast... well the ones interested in such things anyways.
.... Anyone else waiting for Stilez to go "Bored. Ooooh Shiny new place!" now?
..... This guy didn't pick up on that Gale's Sean's... "boss" practically speaking, and not Sean's Girlfriend or something, eh?
Overwatch is addictive? ...... Think I'm immune to that since I'm burned out on played TF2 currently?
...... *squints* Fucking hell my depth perception must be fucking with me because I swear your(True_darius/the author's)chibi is more feminine than Sha'shiva's. 's who I think that red haired xeno chibi is anyways.

... man this really shouldn't be bothering me as much as it is.
@Guest: Eeehhh, it's 50/50 for that. depends on how reliant they are on their weapon.
@Guest: Ah, so it is. I miscounted somehow.
@bobe: looks more like an "About damn time" face to me.
@OmegaVortex: I know monty python's black knight. I just spaced the hell out when I was typing that up.
@OmegaVortex: I remember something about a stomach artery that'd completely disable a person.... yeah I can't tell if that's in the ball park to hit that or anything else other than Darcy's down for the count and needs medical asap. He's gonna rip out some flesh when he pulls that harpoon back out of her. Even if nothing is damaged in a way that makes her death 100% certain that's put a rather big bit of damage to her abdominal muscles.... and possibly her spin, can't tell from this angle, I think her spine was missed or at most nicked but I can't tell.
@Guest: Eh, for all we know this guy's of Poseidon's (or any other deity of the ocean/fishing/nautical vouyaging) lineage. (doesn't have to be all that direct really.) That and this is why you don't bare knuckle box someone with a long reach weapon and knows how to use it.
@Zen: but I'm fairly certain the closest thing to straight up killing Darcy has undergone is a rough bout of MMA. I might be wrong about this, but as far as I know that's the case.

's far as I care this is a fight between a, massively over-trained, green recruit and a veteran mercenary. The training helps but... it's still something that only sinks in after it's been done at least once, killing somebody. 's far as I know anyways.
@Guest: I think you're confused on the kind of harpoon the guy's holding, that's clearly the "grip it firm and stab the fish" aka the spear fishing kind, or rather that's the way he's going to use it anyways. if it's got a needle eye at the end of the rod it can still be used as a thrown fishing instrument. but the whole point of that is to rig it with rope so you can retrieve the thing and your catch that's impaled on it.

And well, there's that whole bit between "who'd win in a fight, the person that does bodybuilding every day or the person who, essentially, fights nearly all the time?" in a sparring bit.... the body builder probably'd win. For a real fight it'd be the guy who fights nearly all the time.

(given the nature of a whole sentient race of fish people in the water here, I'm betting there's other kinds of big fish to boot.)