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Well, Gail really should have just kept Manning along... or killed him herself. Loose ends and all that.
Yeah, just a wee bit of an over reaction from getting hit, and not knocked out, by non lethal ammunition like that.
Forgot about the third one, didn't they?
And there's another crack in the unity of team prophesied good guys... or the supporting cast for the prophesied heroine or whatever's going on here. I'll admit, I've sorta lost the plot at this point.
at this point, Gail's boxing bag would be a sommat padded steel pylon or whatever you call those round post things that are meant to prevent cars from going through pedestrian areas, and the padding's mostly to prevent accidents occurring to others. As for breaking game controllers, that's what having a pile of backups is for, given that it's unlikely anyone'd actually be paying for any of it.
(smash a controller in frustration steam off for a bit then go and plug in a new one and continue where you left off sort of thing.... though I've never really understood such outbursts.)
Sean boyo, you better not be making a habit of this sorta thing. If you do I foresee a good bit of pain in your future. Your own I mean.
Come to think of it, Table top games also are part and parcel to a rec room. From AD&D to Monopoly and beyond. Stuff to keep around when you need to lay low, be quiet and keep everyone busy.
@Guest: seems more like that is a very transparent yellow... and I use flux so I guess that'd fall under monitor color issues.
..... Is Zander's willatude-ity graph supposed to be blank?
You really shouldn't skimp on the rec room though. Get a pool table, some game consoles, extend the exercise equipment beyond the treadmill with some weights and some boxing bags.... Hell a boxing ring probably wouldn't be too bad an idea either if they've got the space. Oh and a collection of books probably wouldn't hurt either.

Having shit to do really keeps the cabin fever down.
Give it another three man. Best not to risk this shit when you just got busted out.

........ Though, why doesn't this hideout have a couple gaming consoles and a tv or three? Recreation options are a necessity of life if you're stuck in one spot for months on end.
This plan assumes they think they're free and clear and not headed into an ambush due to being on public transport rails with no way to change direction.

..... and since when were registered freelance bounty hunters wannabe thugs?
I mean, if you actually look at one you'd notice they're basically a stamped sheet metal construction, one that anyone who uses them would need a key for, and instead of going the traditional locks way they went for "fuck it, one key for them all and don't blab about it." since that'd make them far cheaper to produce. Not like there's a lot of room for anything more complex to fit in. Those block cuffs you can make out of two 2x4's, a hinge and one of those flap door lock things you can put a combination lock into are harder to pick, partially due to the lack of movement, and the other part is they have an actual lock on them.

regular handcuffs like shown are two face plates, the wrist hook thing I don't know the name for, a ratchet system, then chain linked to another set of the same.

Anyways: ... gotta be honest, I was expecting something a bit more valuable than diamonds. Tech, nuclear codes, and Bonds tend to warrant that kind of treatment, not the pretty hard rocks that are only valuable due to artificial scarcity. Well, plot macguffins also qualify. Could be introducing kryptonite for all I know.
Funny thing about handcuffs, 's far as I'm aware, they all use the same key. and that's sorta pushing it since it's just a lever to release the ratchet catch, or whatever you call the bit that locks the the teeth of the cuff in place.
Makes me wonder why people focus on cutting the damn things in media.
"The path to enlightenment is just copious amounts of drugs in the right combination." Huh?
@Guest: it's a semi-porn comic, what parts that aren't porn tend to have some actual story time plot. This is one of those bits so Edelee's point still stands.
Eh, pretty sure the Doom Slayer's fully aware while raging, this looks more like the kind brought on by traumatic backstory which gives you some massive tunnel vision and shuts off a lot of your thinking skills.
always an awkward thing when you've cleared out the room of everything and everyone but the guys on your side but your combat instincts are still urging you on.
mmmm.... Yeah. There's the difference between normal people and guys like Manning here. Practical countermeasures at personal expense. Or however you want to call being both a quick thinker and not afraid to self mutilate themselves to make sure they keep a grudge. Assuming he's not going to have the case of "who the fuck does this name carved into my arm belong to?" which is fairly likely to be honest.
Well, that figures.
Didn't see it coming, but now that I've seen it I don't feel any surprise either.
This brother complains too damn much.
.... "It was fairly obvious" would be a less than helpful answer but also rather truthful tbh.