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Reggie Fan
They say you are what you eat but I don't remember eating such a freaking legend :)))))))))))))))

Occupation: professional TV watcher, prince of laziness, and a level 5 Instant Raman chef.

Hobbies include: Sleeping, eating, and generally doing nothing.

Ok all Jokes aside I enjoy writing, running, watching anime, and playing video games. I am always interested in a collaboration as long as I'm the writer (I can't draw).

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or complaints or interested in a collaboration simply PM me.
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Can someone translate this dad speak into English?
“You’re such a damn disappointment.”
Detective Tarson Bum Comics crossover?
Where does one buy official Bum Comics 3D glasses?
I wonder if George will try to go through and delate all the offensive comments.

And no shrek the shritty I have no intentions of coming back here. Infact I'm only here right now because I got an email saying someone mentioned me in a comment.

This was fun while it lasted but I think I just wanna keep it a 2014-early 2016 thing you know?

Most of the comments on here are all spam.
The last comment on Sushi Gummy is this one
This is probably gonna be the last time I ever comment on this web comic. If anyone in the far future somehow manages to find this webcomic I just wanna say I hope it brings you as much joy as it did for me
It's a real shame we never did reach that 1,000 comments we didn't even reach 500
Man I was rereading a lot of these old comments and they really bring back great memories. Funny enough I think I spent more time on the comment section than I did actually reading Sushi Gummy. I know this comment section is literally dead. I just wanted to say thanks for all the good times @youngsparky and @Fat Autistic Weeaboo
@Yoskichu: True but this comment was made more as a joke than anything else.
Does anyone still get on anymore
@youngsparky I've started watching Yu Yu Hakusho and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.
@youngsparky it's a good show!
This place is barren where did every one go
Last page in this chapter. Me and youngsparky will be taking a hiatus from this comic to start working on a new top secrecy idea.
I love plot twists. Originally it was Animal Crossing boy but once someone guessed that I changed last second. Aren't I the greatest
@youngsparky Hace you seen Assassination Classroom. It's pretty funny
Fun Fact: I used to think youngsparky and that vatheckblackybelt dude were the same person. I don't know what happended to that guy. I think he might of left because of Shrek. But Shrek is gone now.
@youngsparky OK this seems like fun my turn. Are you an adult yet.
The original idea was to have Darkrai but that didn't make much sense as Darkrai isn't in Smash Bros. so unless Sakuri pts him in you guys are stuck with Wolf. At least he's a pretty cool villain.
@Fat Autistic Weeaboo Sorry bud 2/2 authors max. Well if you can program to make a comic look nicer then maybe but no were good.

@youngsparky hands down the greatest anime ever is Cory in the house. Such an amazing tale highly recommed