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Hi, I'm French so sorry if sometimes my English is broken ;p
Thank you ^^
@Auldr: Ahah, I am getting used now to have a nice comment from you each time I post a new artwork ^///^ (And it still feels as nice as the first time <3 )

Well, I don't really think there is a 'secret message' on this image ^^'
It's just Damian doing a heart shape with his hands because Janet is way too tough to do this kind of sweet thing >w<
Very nice composition ! Love the soft colors and the poses <3
Happy Valentine's Day <3
At first, I was more thinking about thanking you, my lovely watchers ... then I realized it was Valentine's day!
Isn't it a wonderful coincidence? ^3^ <3

But first of all, I want to deeply apologize for the long hiatus (1 month...) without any new comics page... U///U I have a new exciting work as a full time architect in a big firm so I don't have so much personal time for drawing.... u.u
I'll do my best to find some time to draw with more regularity but I am not sure to still be able to post one page per week ; _ ;

Hopefully, with some time, I'll manage better my new daylife rythme. Let's see !
Love you anyway ^w^
@BloodWild31617: Thank you for your very nice comment ^^ It feels so good to not feel alone u///u

Ahah, let's see if Temperance is as evil as it looks 8D But, since it's a Sheitan, it may be a bit, I guess :p

PS : and don't worry about your English, it is not my mother tongue neither >w<
Back on tracks o/
So, after this long hiatus of 3 weeks because of christmas/new year holidays, I finaly finished this 20th page ^^
What do you think about Justine's Sheitan ? :p
Thank you <3
@Auldr: Dear Auldr, it is always a pleasure to have a comment from you. Not only because they are always full of super nice words, but mostly because it really helps me to know on what I succeed to do something which worth a comment ^^
Thank you a lot for your attention and your fair words. I am really proud to have someone like you watching my art <3
Happy New Year ^w^
So, I am finally back at home in Paris so I can back to work on new comics page o/
Happy New Year <3
@Auldr: Thank you a lot for your very nice comment. I really appreciate the time you took to analyse so carefuly my work, this is really nice and encouraging. And it also helps a lot to have exterior advices. It means a lot ^///^
Thank you very much, have an Happy New Year ! <3
Merry Christmas !
Hello !
Because it is Christmas Holidays, I am with family and friends in the South of France without my graphic tablet so no comics page update until I come back to Paris :/

BUT ! I took with me some sketchbook and ink to draw so this is a little artwork of Hantise wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS ! ^w^
Sorry !
I am a bit late for this update, sorry... u///u
I also had some troubles with my computer but everything is fine now !

(... and I struggled a bit to draw the first panel... u///u")
@Auldr: Thank you very much for your comment, I really appreciate and I am happy to read that you already like Hantise ^^ Actually, I really like to draw him (especially his mane :p ) and it is always an interesting challenge for me to found appropriate positions for each of his hands ^^
Thanks again for your comment, it really helps me to keep going on and to not feel alone in this project <3
I was kind of frustrated by not drawing Hantise so I could'nt resist to make an artwork with only him ^^

... then I realise how BIG/LONG/MANY HANDS he is X)
I wonder how I will succeed to draw him in the small panels of a comics @ w @''

And, of course, THANK YOU SO MUCH for following "Death Is Nothing At All" <3
Changings (2)
So here comes a new process of coloring the pages. What do you think ? Did you prefer the old process ?
So far, I feel more confortable with this one... but let's see if I will not get bored by this process in few pages ^^'
Hello ^^
Lately, I want to change/evolve a bit in the process I used so far to draw DINAA. So the next few pages you may have some changings in the style of drawing. I hope it will be for the best ^///^'
Don't hesitate to give me your impressions or advices if you have some ^^
November 16th, 2016
Special O
I like the design of the "O" letter in your comic name ^^
Reminds me of the design of le letter "O" in the logo of the TV show "American Horror Story" :p
Thank you for this little story ! It was very cute and inventive plus I love your style ^^
November 14th, 2016
I really like your style and the story looks interesting !

Add in fav' ^w^
Talking about Death...
... I am sick as hell u__u''
Thank you !
A Halloween artwork to say a big THANK YOU to the people who are reading "Death Is Nothing At All" ^^
Every little fav' matter a lot for me !

And... HAPPY HALLOWEEN of course ;p