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Gigas T
Hello, most people call me Tenk. Gigas T is my alias as a webcomic author.
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Gigas T
November 24th, 2017
Fuck you
@xXPRAISE_ITXx: Trust me, I promise I haven't. It's really rough on the schedule though, can never make good time for it in between working.
Gigas T
February 7th, 2017
Now this is the kind of content I follow for.
Sorry for the absence.
A lot of stuff happened this year including moving out and living on my own now, so I can't give any specific timelines on future pages except that I'll do what I can. Thank you very much for reading my webcomic, I've made a few important decisions regarding the future of it this year.
Gigas T
October 12th, 2016
most powerful
It's here
Our first living risk beast
@magi: ahhhhhhhh! i see.
Yo, I noticed Rococo is marked as "completed" in my Favorites, is that a mistake?
Yeah, I can see what you mean! I could have angled Demya more towards us.
Late 2015 ended up an unproductive year. As part of my new years resolution for 2016, I'll be dedicating much more time to comic work, so hopefully we'll get more regular updates!
Gigas T
October 30th, 2015
Gigas T
August 18th, 2015
@Guest: stands and jutsus will be introduced in chapter 3 8^)
page size change
decided to up the page resolution! No reason to post pages at 900 when i work at 2048, so posting them as 50% resolution from now on
@NaginiFay: Pretty much, hahaha
Sorry about the delay! Illustrator work means I have precious little time to draw for myself.
Sorry for the... absence
I had to, well, focus on other things artistically. I'm back!
Let's try to keep up at least one a week!
@magi: I've read/watched vague or unclear stories that clear up later before, so it was not an unfamiliar experience. Felt a bit like watching the Alien Nine anime, or FLCL.