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This is the only life you've got, why spend it doing something you hate? The name's Daisam and I love telling stories. My passion is breathing a new life into this world through the use of comics. Even if it seems stupid I still love it. Walk with each of my characters, get to know them to better understand me! That's why I write comics and draw stories, I love to share the worlds I've created with others. So I hope you visit them some time too! Daisam Out!
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April 10th, 2019
A lot of this is just testing what I can do. I'll be working on this page by page so the next one should come out within the week...or the beginning of next week. The page actually took a while to do!
September 21st, 2018
Best page yet!
I love all the thoughts from these characters. The adults being more serious and the teens not so much. But you can see so much emotion from them!!!!!
Vyra is fun to draw! I love her personality too! Can't wait to see what else I'll come up with!
Fanart corner. You can send me fanart @daisam on twitter. You might get lucky and have characters react to your art! Fanart from @goeasy0nthenoob from twitter!
Free Wallpaper
Hello everyone! This is an image that is free to download on my patreon! I'll be doing a free wallpaper for this series once a month. This is of two character's that come in around chapter 10 and 12, Story and Popo. I really love how this image came out and hope you all will enjoy it too. Also January's wallpaper was Algais and Fi.
Great Advice...
Gotta love the Gorons.
@BraveHeartTatsumaki: Can't wait to see it!
Thank You!
@D: I understand, I have pacing issues when coming to comics. And this series is designed for webcomic flow. I just decided to post here as well. A lot of what's happening now is a little older then some of my current pages. I am trying to get the pacing issue under control, but thank you for pointing it out! I want people to feel comfortable while reading my series since It's for everyone to enjoy!
Love this Guy!
He's my favorite character! Love his sarcastic nature!
Felt like I should add this. Even though one of the characters hasn't appeared yet, I really like how this page came out so enjoy!
New Design
A character that is talked about, but doesn't really show up.
April 21st, 2016
He's an idiot!
He's a complete idiot, but I love him so much. His character is super funny and I enjoy that! But he is an idiot....