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Some chick from the southern US who likes drawing and horror stories.
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It's hard to believe this cover was posted seven months ago.
I seem to be getting a lot more visitors on this comic recently, Does anyone know why?
Featuring: Berserk Toru! Yaaaay~

Make sure you keep you fingers away from his mouth.
Happy New Years, everyone!
@0fTheWind: I'm glad you liked it! I was worried that it wouldn't be super great since I've never drawn a motorcycle before.
The animation is really cute.
Sweet! I like how Aya's hair is a more naturalistic auburn. And Toru looks so big! Thanks, Santa!
That shading is really good.
Age: 17
Height: 5’5
Weight: 165
Hideki is a local jock and good ol’ boy at Daijin High School. He means well, but doesn’t truly understand what’s going on around him. His dad and Minoru Akujin had a rivalry when they were young, so Hideki sort of tried to continue this with Toru before he realized that Toru was a good guy.
Hideki is actually not good at sports look football or baseball. He left a few sports clubs. His main “sport” is actually lifting. He also has an orange belt in karate. Hideki fancies himself a cool delinquent, but the most rebellious thing he’s ever done is bleach his hair blond.
Age: 71
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 137 lbs
Many of the Akujins left Daijin, disavowing the magic life. Ryuu was one of the few who stayed and continued studying magic. As a young man he traveled the world, collecting obscure lore. He became obsessed with proving that it was possible to create a superior man-devil by having the human impregnate a demon. This lead to him summoning the demon Valhelamet and performing the experiment with her. This resulted in Ryuu’s son Minoru and, by extension, Toru.
Ryuu raised Toru after the boy’s mother died. Finding out that Toru’s deformities and mental issues would keep him from properly integrating with society, Ryuu decided to train him in the Akujin way of exorcising demons and other dangerous beings.
@M1mgaa: You're not the first person to make that connection.
Age: 16
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 125 lb
A high school student from Kyoto, Aya moved to Daijin with her family. Mundane life in Kyoto had become dull for her, and she was worried that Daijin was be even worse. Fortunately, after meeting Toru, Aya finds out that Daijin isn’t dull at all. Unfortunately, it’s not dull because it’s infested with bloodthirsty demons. Aya has to try her hardest to keep her sanity relatively intact…
Aya was originally planned to be merely the POV character to all the weird crap that happens in Demon King. I think that as I’ve developed the story she’s become something more. Her design is sort of supposed to be a kind of generic shoujo protagonist look, which I think fits for her being the everyman.
Age: 17
Height: 6’3’’
Weight: 150 lb
A young quarter demon and exorcist who lives in the small Daijin. A lifetime of trauma and cruelty at the hands of the townsfolk of Daijin has left him not quite right in the head. The reappearance of the Demon King in his life has caused him to further research the powers he has inherited from his grandmother, the demon Valhelamet.
The main character, more less. Demon King was based on a dream, and somehow the exorcist from it became this weirdo. I really liked the idea of the “hero” having an evil and scary look. Toru’s appearance was mostly based of Cesare, the somnambulist from the old horror movie The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with some demon bits, like thee pointy ears and fangs, thrown in. His overly long limbs are based on a drawing my sister did of him. Thanks, Ma!
Yeah, another one. Read Demon King. It has your daily allowance of vitamins, minerals, and sorcery.
@BananaUhl: The derp of evil.
@sentiashinou: I'm glad you liked it! I wanted to do something a little different than usual.
I never thought I would see these two in Fleischer Brothers style. I dig it! Thanks Santa!
Just uploading all the old covers.
New cover. Yaaay.