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Some chick from the southern US who likes drawing and horror stories.
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Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
Demon King's got a new cover, and do you know what that means?

I don't know. Maybe new arc might be starting or something. You'll have to find out next Friday.
At last! It's finally here!
Demon King is back!! Hope everyone had a nice New Years!

I'm almost done with the Chapter 1 reboot, so expect that to come up soon.
That's some pretty badass screen toning.
Oh, god, that spooky tree. Thanks, Santa!

I really dig how you integrated the comic's aesthetics.
Hope no ones's arachnophobic.
Had to update this one a bit later than usual.
Hey there, my little Kielbasas! Ya'll voted, and there was a tie in the character poll. Te two winners were, as pictured, Toru and Babu. The runner up was everyone's favorite man-shark demon, Arndj.

Happy Fourth of July, ya'll!
Daijin's a Hell of a town...
Go here...
Toru's blood is light brown, btw.
This and the next chapter are going to be kinda short.
Just a little bonus picture in celebration of... I dunno, Chapter 15 being completed? Spring being here? My wonderfulness? I don't care. Have a Toru.