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Again. Brilliant. :D
I'm enough of a nerd that this made me laugh for a long while. :D I'm hoping that future updates are just as amusing. I'm loving this. :D

I love this. i apparently got behind and I just got to read about ten pages in my bio class...i mean...uh...I'm taking notes, really!
OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!!
Satoru found out about her ears WTF!!! NO WAY!! Serious cliffhanger!!!

Okay, I've used too many exclamation points in this comment.
Oh they're so mean. :(
Gaspeth!! OMG!!

"I really wish he'd stop hiring people based on looks..." :D
Specially since it was Toto who got hired based on looks. :D
Poor Maemi! She doesn't speak Greek.
Poor Maemi! She doesn't speak Greek.
I love the bit with the wig. Great work again!
December 22nd, 2007
Noooo!! Drawing block majorly sucks. :(
Poor Maemai...:(

I do like the poison Ivy joke, though.