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Hey guys! I'm HVoice, welcome to my profile!
I'm a freelance artist/writer who specializes in comics, skull art, and drinking coffee until I can’t feel my insides.
When making comics, I prefer traditional tools (pencils, paper, ink dip pens, markers, ect.), but also I incorporate digital elements in some of my colored work and use digital screen tone for comic pages.

Birthday: July 16th 1994
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Likes: Drawing (duh), Heavy metal/hard rock, Coffee, 5 hour energy, Comics, Anime, Karaoke, sleep.
Hates: Popular musicians who clearly don't know how music works, Politics, Decaf anything, sleep.
Average hours of sleep: ...what's sleep?
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Totally agree with the alt text. I was able to improve an illustration once by adding some items in the foreground. Really gives it a fly on the wall vibe.
And thats the end of chapter 4! Do you hate me yet?
Chapter 5 will start on June 25th.
Unfortunately, I'll barely have time to work on the script until May at the latest (because college). If you’d like to keep up with where I am in the creation process, I’m mostly active on Twitter (@HeartandVoice), or you can support me on Patreon for a full behind-the-scenes look (including early access!) As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you stick around for whats to come!
"For the sake of friendship" lol that sounds so weird coming from Atty.
Loving the energy of this scene~ Way to verbally kick ass, George!
Love Metal is back?!
Hey guys! Yes, I am back to uploading on Smackjeeves. Sorry for the radio silence. A recent change to my update schedule, I now update Love Metal monthly. These were technically posted online on February 25 (I was just lazy at posting them elsewhere) . The new pages will be posted to the public on March 29!
If you want a head start or to get an inside look at my work behind the scenes, feel free to support me on Patreon!
YAY! So many happy tears!! ;u;
Ooooh, get wrecked son.
I don't know if you can tell on your screen, but on mine it looks like not all your blacks are fully black.
You mean the tears that float and bring people back to life? xD
Sorry I've been MIA on smackjeeves lately.
I'm reposting a couple pages that were already here, because I recently decided that this will be the beginning of chapter 4, instead of continuing with chapter 3. Seemed like a better cut off with the time skip and all :P
Anyways, sorry for the silence. I'll go back to posting here regularly. Updates are every other Thursday.
"I really am!"
George, so wise, haha.
I seeeeeeeee.
I wouldn't know what face to make in this situation either lol so I'm with Chris here.
"I want to see! I want to cry!!"
Your dialogue is the best, haha.
Best declaration of love ever.
@H0lyhandgrenade: As long as your face doesn't get stuck, I'm sure you'll be fine, heh.
H0ly, do you make the same expressions as you draw them? :3
"But then I got the hang of art"
Oh you sweet innocent little newbie.
Panel 1
That reminds me of when this kid in middle school asked me to draw Itachi for him. I was really into Naruto, so I was all for it. I worked so hard on it, so detailed, one of my best drawings at the time. When I gave it to him, he was like "Cool" and proceeded to FOLD IT and SHOVED IT into his backpack. If there wasn't a teacher in the room, I would've punched him.
@H0lyhandgrenade: Ah lol. Understandable.
What inks are you using now? (curious)