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Hey guys! I'm HVoice, welcome to my profile!
I'm a freelance artist/writer who specializes in comics, skull art, and drinking coffee until I can’t feel my insides.
When making comics, I prefer traditional tools (pencils, paper, ink dip pens, markers, ect.), but also I incorporate digital elements in some of my colored work and use digital screen tone for comic pages.

Birthday: July 16th 1994
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Likes: Drawing (duh), Heavy metal/hard rock, Coffee, 5 hour energy, Comics, Anime, Karaoke, sleep.
Hates: Popular musicians who clearly don't know how music works, Politics, Decaf anything, sleep.
Average hours of sleep: ...what's sleep?
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"But then I got the hang of art"
Oh you sweet innocent little newbie.
Panel 1
That reminds me of when this kid in middle school asked me to draw Itachi for him. I was really into Naruto, so I was all for it. I worked so hard on it, so detailed, one of my best drawings at the time. When I gave it to him, he was like "Cool" and proceeded to FOLD IT and SHOVED IT into his backpack. If there wasn't a teacher in the room, I would've punched him.
@H0lyhandgrenade: Ah lol. Understandable.
What inks are you using now? (curious)
@Lazybonez: (Guess the pop up wasn't working first time I saw it)
Yay~! I got the Marlyn Monroe one! I feel so accomplished. 8D
So whatre the prizes? XD
@littlekitsune: There's a special place in hell for their kind. Man, I would've destroyed that school looking for the culprit.
The Rattata kind of looks like a baseball pitcher, and the Pidgey looks like that Marilyn Monroe pose. xD
That frooown!
So me whenever people take my stuff.
I got detention once for drawing a naked lady (in a normal life-drawing type pose, course they wouldn't get that). Growing up as an artist was hard sometimes XD
Draw me like one of your french Drowzees.
@IMONFIREGUY: Hahah even better XD that would give him more of a reason to steal their pokemon too.
@theguest: It was a joke :)
oooooh I see where dis is goin.
Watch them hate his artwork cuz it's too real, or demand to have it all for exposure.
@H0lyhandgrenade: Ooh I getcha. Yeah that feeling when you're nearing the end is so surreal.
I don't know man, I'm really enjoying this dialogue between them. :)
Atty could draw circles around those artists lol
@Kikirini: High school...amiright?