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Hey guys! I'm HVoice, welcome to my profile!
I'm a freelance artist/writer who specializes in comics, skull art, and drinking coffee until I can’t feel my insides.
When making comics, I prefer traditional tools (pencils, paper, ink dip pens, markers, ect.), but also I incorporate digital elements in some of my colored work and use digital screen tone for comic pages.

Birthday: July 16th 1994
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Likes: Drawing (duh), Heavy metal/hard rock, Coffee, 5 hour energy, Comics, Anime, Karaoke, sleep.
Hates: Popular musicians who clearly don't know how music works, Politics, Decaf anything, sleep.
Average hours of sleep: ...what's sleep?
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@H0lyhandgrenade: Ooh I getcha. Yeah that feeling when you're nearing the end is so surreal.
I don't know man, I'm really enjoying this dialogue between them. :)
Atty could draw circles around those artists lol
@Kikirini: High school...amiright?
@SunnySideUpSmile: lol yeah, thats pretty much all he did.
I'm not sure what it is (maybe the angle) but I really love how you drew the fair in the second panel.
H0ly, I am so with you on backgrounds.
No matter how much I improve in them, I'm pretty sure I'll always bitch about them xD.

This page looks amazing!
Hey, it's a character you probably forgot about! (I wouldn't blame you honestly)
Real subtle, Brandon.
If you can't read the word bubbles in the last panel, don't worry about it. It's just background babble.
Hey, it's everyone's favorite character!

Cindy is a lot more fun to draw now that she has pigtails. :)
Been there, Karin.
Been there...
I think I just wanted to draw them in their leather jackets one last time before this chapter kicked off...
Oh crap. is that...COLOR?
I'm back!
Sorry about the lack of activity on here guys.
Pages from chapter 3 will start to upload gradually over the next few days :)
@chaos-of-vinnie: Right?! Now I want to see this animated with his voice. :3