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Ello to who ever's reading this page. I'm Skye, currently I'm a junior at Warrior Run High School. Well there's alot more to tell but if you really want to know just message me

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Aww they're so cute! Can't wait to see more >3>
No! Marry him! Do you not see his aura of fuckability?!? lol Great job!
Yay, the comic survives! Great job, I love how Mike has a permanent angry thing on his head X3
I know everyone else has said this, but they are so cute!
Hmm.... interesting story pyo, have to see what comes next...
Is it just me or did anyone else notice that Chess has a large behind for a guy (not flam! just noticed)
Is this the end of Kazoku? *sobs histarically* Or was that just the end of the fun fillers? Hope that's not the end! X3
Aw they're both so cute! I love your style, how do you get your characters perfect in every panel? Your work is so amazing, in most comics I have read the characters look different page to page but yours are always the same (tis a good thing!)Can't wait to see more! :3
Did you know that during every awkward silence a gay baby is born? Long story but every time I come a cross a long silence I say this XD Great pages!
They're so cute! X3
It's alive! And adorable!
So do they have like twice the hearing power?

Boots ish so cute!
Comment virginity ish mine!
I love his eyes in the second panel!
I love the background! Poor Kyoko!
Comment virginity ish mine!

I love the last panel!
Squee! Kou looks so sexii!
Tehee! first comment virginity ish mine! He ish so cute!
Poor Tom! I hope he shall bes ok!
Poor snowball but boy love ish so much better!
I love their eyes! They're so vibrant! I can't wait to read this section! This is such a cute comic!
I love their eyes on this page :3