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Just so there's no confusion later, they are at a wedding reception. I was kind of lazy with this page and didn't really shade much and tried a different style that fits better with this back story. :P
Aww... Nice ending, I'm glad for kyel.

I also have a backstory for Alice and Roland unfortunately it isn't a very happy one... Not at all actually. =\
I absolutely love how you drew Roland and Alice, they're so cute! :D
These stories are amazing! I'm excited to see what your next story will be. :D
Rain= Fail
I didn't add it in the last two panels since this was already taking longer than it should and it was a pain. :P
I probably won't do much shading for the rest to save time so hopefully I'll be able to have one each week.
I love how you did the rain it looks so cool! :D

NoOrmaa: btw, idk whether you still wanted to introduce my characters or not. I have an Idea but I won't be home till late saturday from FBLA State to work on it. I can wait if you have already started on it though.
Aww!!! :D
Sooo cute, it makes me want draw chibis now!!! ^_^
Thanks!!! :D
Aww, thanks everyone. ^_^
Does anyone have an idea on how can introduce them? It looks like everyone is in the house now unless I'm forgetting someone.
Roland is from a wealthy family and has provided for Alice ever since an "accident" that left her orphaned. As children, they were very close untill a tragic incident changed Roland, making him distant from everyone even Alice.
Hallo :3
Hallo everyone, I'm so excited to be a part this comic. Um... Let's see... Where to begin.... Well, you can either call me Alexandra or by my username, your choice. I'm really hoping that improve while I'm helping with this comic. If anyone has any advice or pointers for me especially dealing with collaboration, I would really appreciate it. (^_^)
Looooove your character. He looks so hot and awesome! :D
Hatter= <3
Sweet! I was getting worried that Super F#@ked rolled over and died! lol
Aw, they're so cute! :3
Wow, that be a scary thing to wake up too... especially after the great night he had. lol
Yeah, not very violency, but this is going to be a little CD minicomic so I get used to drawing Dr. Crow and Karen.
Don't worry, you shall be rewarded with mutilations in a few more pages! :D
Okay, I think I fixed the problem, so tell me if it works.

Sorry I haven't been able to reply sooner, my comp freaked and nothing would work. I should also have a comic up soon, sometime this week hopefully.
February 27th, 2008
Awsome artwork! He's almost as skinny as my one super-tall friend! lol

Seriously, he's not anorexic or anything but... god theres probably not even any muscle there!!!
Just send me a PM with a sample of your artwork/anime/etc. or you can put it in the reasoning box for applying for the co-author.
You can apply to be an author of this comic by going to your Webcomics and clicking the apply to be a co-author button. Then you find this comics name and put whatever you need to in your reasoning box and click submit. ^^

I hope this helped you a little...