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this is a heated argument
deus ex rexhina

violence solves everything i guess.
April 28th, 2015
@Extremmefan: My sprites were deleted,

Cam, casey, mels, and sapar dont have sprites

and void's computer isnt working
Sounds like a sticky situation.
this place still updates?

i thought that love died.
rip shady

btw here is the window

<img src="">
thanks for doing my job
I'm so damn rusty...
also welcome back :P
@Voidshred: ah, makes sense.

though it is good to practice a lot and not forget things, but yeah
@Voidshred: basically pillow shading is where your shades are going to the middle / inside of the sprites. it doesn't look good or realistic, and it really reduces the quality of your sprites

and i kind of understand your struggle with the boobs, but it really is unrealistic, especially for the source material you're going with, so yeah.. i would still change them.

sorry for late replies
holy shit you're not a noob to comicing at all...

or did you really make this?? it doesn't really match your spriting level, no offense
well, at least you know that most fcs are unoriginal.

the appearence of the character looks okay, i can tell that you went for more of a warrior approach (also because you said she was basically zero)

the shading on this, however, isn't really that good. you pillowshaded a lot and you didn't really seem to evenly distribute the shades correcly throughout the sprite.

also she has massive fucking tits. Reploids really dont have use for tits because they're robots, so i would tone down the boobs there, buddy. while we're on the boobs, they aren't shaded that well, and are really pillowed.
The horn things are also not shaded with the correct amount of shades, but that doesn't really matter because a lot of megaman sprites do the same thing, but i thought i might as well point it out.

anyway thats all i have to say, so... bye i guess.