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I looove to draw on my free time
thanks a lot for thaking some of your time to read my comic

I also do commission at a very affordable price

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Thank you so much for reading and supporting my webcomic
if your interested in reading the rest of the story you can find it here: 4026

or here
see you on april
the battle continues in this chapter.

Also I have some news, the updates will be on Fridays ( I can no longer do them on Mondays TT .TT )
thanks for reading Kivet Kingdom Chronicles so far :D.
next week chapter 07 starts
sorry for being so irresponsible and always forget to update my webcomic on this site
from now on
weekly updates on Monday
because of the holidays I couldn't draw new pages
but I leave you this illustration to celebrate this festivity
I hope you're having a good time your beloved ones.
see you next week with more pages
they've done everything wrong
Fianma have weird methods to give advices D:
someone is really angry
it seems Rob wants to die :D
Celadon meets a new caravan
Kivet is back
weekle updates
on mondays
Chapter ended.
Lancellot is back
the new adventure begins :D
almost done with chapter 02 :D