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@Tehpikachu: Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems strong!

Drowning right now is probably more likely than copper poisoning, but it would be a good way to kill a character off, lol.
@WiispNightmare: spoiler police comin' after you bby
@Maka152: Aww, thank you! I am getting good vibes from this cover, so we'll probably be keeping it!

Cover 3.0 is now a thing! Went with a different setup in general with this one, featuring Gone the mermaid dragon and Rune as a Vulpix instead of a human. I like the composition of this one, and I finally like how Gone is drawn. And it's full color and not grayscale. like the other covers but whatever
@WriterRaven: I'll add these to the list! And yeah, I'd be fine with having a good extra number of filler cameos~
@???: <img src=" 1760669824151046_3304447288340233763_n.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160427195608"&g t;
@WiispNightmare: Only time will tell what he truly is ;)
Well he's not wrong.

Getting to show another side to Yokaro this update, which I'm pretty happy about. How does he know Rune's a human with powers semi-related to time? Who knows! Well, he does, but we won't see how he knows these impossible things for a while longer.
Made some updates to Yokaro's room to include a tapestry of the god of death and a rug with the guild symbol on it! As for why Yokaro has a tapestry with the god of death and destruction? Spoilers bby ;)

This update features Yokaro slowly losing his sanity. As though he was sane to begin with.
Can I just say that I'm super jealous of your coloring talent and shading? I have a hard time just shading a sphere, and you're able to make everything look so colorful and pretty aahh

Seems like someone has trust issues. This page was blessedly easy, haha.



No but seriously I was just kinda playin' around with the 5th panel and was all like "hahaha what if Rune was blushing here" and then this happened. I apologize for nothing. Let's get this love triangle rolling. (Animation may or may not loop, sorry if it doesn't ;-; )

I went with part Weavile in the end because I missed the classic "scythe" thing that comes out of Absol's head and was easier to draw in general .3.

Plus her Weavile ears are adorable <3
@WiispNightmare: I'll add these babies to my list!
Fun fact time! Just Dora's accent borderlines both English and Australian, and some would say that it's very inconsistent, as it can also change to a formal American accent at the drop of a hat. She's very good at impressions.

Dora is part Weavile, which makes her coat longer than the average Absol. She also has Weavile ear-feathers and tails (feathers? idk). That's about it. Compared to other subspecies, she actually looks surprisingly normal. Oh and she originally was going to be part Houndoom.
Just the fact that Lunalizabogammalph has the balls to sass the woman she just recently murdered makes me so happy oml.
@WiispNightmare: Yep! Technically as she ages, she'll go through a sort of "sub-evolution" phase that doesn't require the use of an Evolution Spring. She'll look more and more like a Mismagius overtime. This also explains why Kekir looks like a Pidgeot when he flares up instead of a Pidgey, he's just older!
Sorry this one's a little bit late! I got some kind of illness that took me out for a few days, though I'm feeling better now! Haha it's 4 AM where I live gotta get sleep agggh

Meet potential future teammate! Today is not a good day for her. I always thought it was hilarious that pokemon could faint from hunger, and hunger actually was one of my main issues in this game, nearly killed Rune on countless occasions. And Carsetta's a subspecies after all! She normally disguises herself with psychic powers or something. The real reason behind this is that I initially didn't want Carsetta revealed as the first subspecies in the comic, something that I wanted to save for Kekir. Then this hot mess happened.

Tried new color swatches for characters, but I don't like them much. I'll probably switch back for the next page.