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No offense to anyone but anything that has to deal with Shounen-ai or Shoujo-ai gets more people, more views and more comments than heterosexual comics on this site. Three of my comics have been deleted except one. The three I delete will have a different server, hell, it's own website. On here it's ridiculous that most of the good comics here are over run by crappy shounen-ai/shoujo-ai comics. I dont mind it, but if a comic gets more comments, fans or views JUST because it has gay people in it, then i aint for it. Sorry, I cant do it. I dont mind gay people but when the story is complete crap and just have gays, then it's not worth it
No offense to anyone.

Thank you, have a nice day.
I feel so complete now LOL
I like the toning and extreme shoujo-esque-ness of this page. It's very nice :D
GREAT page! :D But I think you should open a separate webcomic profile for it just in Tagalong. Just a suggestion
YAY!!! New page!
YAY!!!! Update! Nice
THis is a nice comic but I DO have some nitpicks:

"How you dare running away?" should be "How dare you try and run away?" It sounds a bit better.

"I'm amazing, man! I beat a lot of them just by myself" should be "I'm amazing man! I beat all of them by myself!"

But aside from that, nice comic!
LOL the syringe disappeared
OH NO! The syringe is gon bust and they wont be able to change back! :O

Nice page!
Just in time for my birthday! :D This is a nice present for me!
LOL Cute page
You updated!!! :D Awesome new banner and awesome page!
I have a feeling that either the queen really doesnt care OR maybe the fact the queen doesnt know is how the Jack(or whatever he is) can dupe everyone into what he WANTS them to do

Awesome page!
I'm bugging up laughing. What if the principal was like drop-dead-gorgeous for one scene? xD

Nice page!
Cronus: Chocolate? Did you say Chocolate!?

Hades: yeah...With or without nuts?


Hades: ... ಠ_ಠ

LOL, nice so far. Keep it up! :D
I love this page now.

'Wow Jake, you work fast!' LOL
He's so cute here and then I remember what he did to Demeter...Funny that he wanted his brother to rule and then he became an arrogant a-hole
THis comic is cute. It reminds me a bit of Maria Holic(though i doubt the main character is a lesbian and she has more of a reason to hate men than the main character in Maria Holic)

VERY cute, expect me to follow this for a while.
:D (This explains alot)
THAT is funny. Magikarp. LOL

To be totally honest, i actually thought this was gonna be a yuri comic when I first read it(girl turns into boy and he talks/flirts slightly to another girl) til i found out that Yupi was a boy but turned into a girl and I was like 'Wow! Didnt see that coming.' i love a comic with a twist.