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I like to make comics. I also want to appreciate other people's comics
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grow the fuck UD
and yet another new form of a persona appears... in the form of a bunny!
i realize the last two pages have the same format lol...
step 1: events happening in my life with some preface
step 2: close up of my annoyed face with thought bubblessss
2 weeks in school and im a peace of shit that can't update regularly
i usually think most food i eat will kill me if it feels slightly off... like it's poisoned or something lol
oh... umm rip... the top got cut off ;_;
new years resolutions -o-
Trying to restart this after the turn of the new year. Hope you enjoy what's to come! I made an about so you can learn more about me
i just discovered this comic today and it's so super cute... I love it! It made my morning. your art style is also very cool tt~tt
January 17th, 2016
love it!
hey i love your comic so far! it's so great finding a comic dealing with stuff i've been experiencing lately, it's inspiring.
I'm trying out a new format. Make sure to read at the beginning of this "chapter" folder!
I actually took the time to color this one -_-;;;
it came out blurry somehow hmm
Unexpected lack of updates
Life's been busy... Lacking motivation... Just need a fresh perspective. A new place a new mind.
new-found self love for the pre-t body in preparation for the "valentines day" n_n
i hope this is the most ugliest page i'll ever make.. it was unintended but... i don't wanna draw it again -_-;;;
I'm a day behind. it was about time 7_7 for sure when I scan them i'll also ink the pages more and tidy them up a bit.
long busy day today. Get a blurry phone pic and a rushed page, I'll update eventually with a cleaner version.
this app...
When I don't have access to my scanner, I will take phone pics and hopefully I will scan a higher quality version later o_o

First page woo!
My brother was playing "Gaston" from the Beauty and the Beast movie really loudly on his earphones I wanted to listen to it with my car speakers TT_TT.