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Random weirdo.

Hyperactive fujyoshi.

Likes include:
Drawing, writing, daydreaming, thinking up story plots, talking to the voices in her head, BL, Roleplaying, Games, Anime, Manga, Food...etc

Has a lot of dreams but does not have the skill to fulfil them.
Ever since
a. an uncle who has never talked to her much
b. a girl younger than her by 5 years or so
c. many many friends
told her that "if you don't start drawing Manga now you won't get USED to it!", decided that she really had to start working and is now...

... working at a painful, snail's pace.

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@BK_1/VGKid: =A=!!! I-I wanna be able to do pages that fast too OTL Orz orz...
And thank youuu =A= (still studying comic composition and failing)

@TheDayDreaming: Whoa OAO
I... I say this truthfully with no sense of sarcasm intended... I-I... ;u; (/touched) T-thank you so much for the (really really really) long comment. +_+;;; This should go in the guiness world records or something. *SHOT*

I-I'm also so glad (more like, extremely touched OTL) that people actually remember stupid little things I put on fillers ahaha. T///v///T (/thanks your dad for reminding<?> you about P:K)

Crotch Appreciation Week! OAO
I demand we get a week of public holidays so we can er. Appreciate the... sheer beauty of... crotches. O3O++
(closes eyes and listens to heroic music) Yes! Yes I shall be proud of my crotches! *SHOT*

Ahaha =q= Amendment for award approved OvOb

Also, I thank the chocolate milk for your comment QvQ It made my day, really ;v; <33

@Krazy: KALE DOESN'T MIND. HE SAYS YOU CAN TAKE HER ANYTIME YOU WANT. HOPEFULLY NOW. Because he kinda wants to stop fighting and just go back home for dinner. Or something like that. OvO+
Action scenes. (failfailfail)
And in the meantime I realise that my weekly monday page has shifted itself to a tuesday page instead. OTL Uwaaa... Hopefully I'll be able to shift it back to original schedule soon.

School starts in one week. OTL Holidays always pass by so quickly. Hopefully I'll have time to keep up with weekly updates nevertheless OwO+

File 4 is officially going to be the longest chapter so far TvT;;; But the point is coming soon! Really soon! Like, in two pages or so! OAO+
@The DayDreaming: Oh god I missed your super long comments. Q___Q (cries happy tears of joy)
And nono don't worry too much about it OvO+ (is already super glad to see that you came back to read after you forgot)
T-thank you very much though OAO;;; I never thought I drew crotch areas well but since you think so I can now be proud of my awesome crotches! *SHOTSHOT*
(gives you special Hika award for "totally-out-of-place-but-still-applicable-and-completely-memorable-comments&q uot;.) Whewf. That was a long award name. orz

@BK_1/VGKid: It's okay~ >v<b Missing pages is fine QvQ (is already super happy that you guys are still reading this super long draggy thing)
Ahaha it takes me around 3~4 hours for one page usually. When I rush around 2 hours, when I have backgrounds 7~8 hours... orz
I will work hard!

@Bubblesita: (coughcough) I will pretend I didn't see anything there <3

@Kairin Touzen: T-thank you~
Sorry about the delayed page again...!
Goddamnit it's the holidays and I'm still running around being busy for things that aren't school work. OAQ;;;

Also in the mean time pardon me whilst I attempt to use P:K to apply things I've learnt from japanese books about how to panel for manga and stuff like that for the next few pages. (/experiments OTL)
@BlackCatz: OwO/ Thank you! I'm back from Japan and... back into busy busy times again. (But fun busy busy times, at least until school starts XD)

@Meepy: (bows down to your fantabulistic-ness)
Thank you though <3
One day I want to be able to write in Doctor's script though D8 You know, that really messy line of scribbly stuff? *SHOT*

@Bubblesita: Errr... well okay maybe not the almost death of your computer, but the fact that you didn't have to miss much--
(sob) I missed a monday update again (/fail)
OH YES. I WILL DO THAT. (goes to plan letter that she will send them to sue them-*SHOT*)

@Keoko-dono: OAO!!!
Eeep OTL
Sorry, I was too busy packing and having fun with my friends yesterday because I'm heading back to Singapore today I kinda forgot to post the page. OTL

But I will post it! Even if it's a little... late... (fail)

I really want to start improving the quality of P:K soon... TwT;;; but that might also mean more time dedicated to producing a page... Still debating with myself. +_+;;
@BlackCatz: Thank youuu for the welcome bacck >w< (and sorry for the one-day page delay just when I said I was back orz)

@Meepy: XDD Dorky=awesome <3
My writing has been trained by IB-Exams. +w+b *SHOT*

@BK_1/VGKid: OwO; That's always good to hear ahaha <-- oi

@Bubblesita: (huuug) Oh thank god your computer broke. I feel a little better for missing those updates-*SHOT*
... and oh dear. I didn't realise my handwriting change, but if that's really the case I'll have to sue?thank? the exams... OwO;;
... orz
The surprises China's internet gives me are endless. XD;;
So I er... had problems accessing Smackjeeves yesterday. OTL

But thankfully it looks like it's working today! OvO;;;

Also I'll be going for a surprise family trip to Japan from the 10th ~ 16th, so I'll probably miss another monday update... orz I'll still try to update that week though. Probably on a friday instead? =w=
I... I think I'm late by a week! I'm so sorry TvT;; Exams just ended one week ago and then I had to fly back to China immediately...

But I'm back!
The taste of freedom is... glorious... TvT

... but my hands have also rusted over. XDD Oh god. Really need to get back to drawing more.

Much apologies for the late page >A<b
P:K will now officially be reverting to usual updates!
Hieeeee >A<
I'm sorry I'm sorry >A<;;
I can't believe last week was so busy I completely forgot about the page.
Final projects are flooding in, along with final essays and all that, and usually that would be okay to handle but I have a doujin deadline at the end of october too and I'm really behind @___@;;;

I'm really sorry but I think I'll have to put P:K on a hiatus for a while. Sorry for cutting you guys off at such a spot m(_ _)m

I'll be back in around 2 weeks I think. +_+;;; It might extend into three, depending on how bad my 2D animation workload is. I will do my best to come back by the third week of november latest though! >____<

... ohgod I'm really really sorry Q_Q
@BlackCatz: W-wha XDD;;; Perhaps I shouldn't have divulged that this was one hour then >v>;;; (sneakysneak-*SHOT*)
T-thank you so much.

@Bubblesita: You guys pamper me too much D8>
... OvO;; (hands you back your clothes)
Silly Kaze. Stop stripping people with your supercoolawesomelyfantasticallygay-ness. DD8>

@Keoko-dono: N-no problem >A<;; I'm sorry I can't devote more time to this at the moment either Q_Q
...want... december... now...
Aaahh holiday-- I want my holiday now-- OTL
Eh? recess week just past?
OvO I have no idea what you're talking abou-*SHOT*

... can't wait for the holiday in which I get no homework.. OTL (though sadly, most of my workload is due in november, and so it's not like december will really make a difference for those projects... XDDD)

-can't make battle scenes interesting. orz
Karin's face in the last panel is actually more annoyed at Hika for producing something like this and actually calling it a page >_>;;;

1 hour page!
I-I'm really sorry!

School's started again and I think the holiday mode was still persistent and slowed things down so I didn't really... pick up the pace fast enough to fix the page properly.

Sorry! m(_ _)m
Hopefully I can pick up the pace and get the story moving properly next week. TvT++

I-I'm in a rush now so I don't think I'll be able to reply until tomorrow or something, so much apologies!
@BlackCatz: The funniest thing is that I actually forgot to post a page when I was supposed to be more free. OTL
Brown Belt!!! OAO (looks up at you with sparkly eyes) You're so cool!!!

@Kouya: ...... DDD< Bakaa!

@keoko-dono: B-but it's for the world records-*sh-(omit)

@The DayDreaming: Awfulcoollamefantastic. I love that word.

I... So long as my hand is still attached to my brain in some form or another I don't mind. OvObbb (oi)

I will be there too. (/chicken lover status obtained from living with Kale in her head for too long)

=q= fufufu. (<--oi#)

@BK_1/VGKid: Mm, brain massage. They should start offering such services more often. 8D

@Bubblesita: You probably said that because Kaze's [s]ultimateepicfail[/s] lines amused you to no end? (wrong)
B-but shooting myself<?> is already a habit! I-I tried to get through this round of replies without shooting myself but the attempts are futile! OTL
(more like, I really need to stop myself from spewing nonsense like a machine gun.)

Guhaaa! OTL
It is recess week. I was rushing my other personal projects and homework.
... and I forgot yesterday was monday.
(/has officially proven her stupidity)


(digs a hole and hides)
@Bubblesita: (dramatic gasp) C-congratulations on claiming comment virginit-*SHOT*
M-my sketch lines make the picture look less boring! I swear! >A>;;;

@BK_1/VGKid: Thank youu =v=//

@BlackCatz: I know right. T_T I demand 48 hour days. In which 12 hours can be used for RL matters and the remaining time I can use to handle my own stu-*SHOT*
(coughsplutter) N-no... I-I don't think I can... make it... g-go on... without me... (hand twitch)

@keoko-dono: (cowers in fear)

@Krazy: DDDDD:


@The DayDreaming: Well I'm actually trying to set a guiness world record for "number of bullets taken in online situations" OwObbb *SHO-(omit)

Kale would gladly dine with you on-I mean along with Roast-Chicken-Mama. He asks you to set a date.

P.S. I-it is not too wrong I guess OvO+ *SHOTSHOTSHOT*
Hika is an Idiot OTL


By the way, I really lost my touch with Kaze. Better start scribbling him over my lecture notes. @_@
Oh. And Kaze's lines are made of fail because my brain is dead. D8> It's not his fault. Really.
@Krazy: Run Kaze Run Kaze Run Run Run- I... I can't continue that rhyme because it doesn't seem to work out properly-*SHOT*

@BlackCatz: Everyone beware of your skin OAO;; Kale's mom (rotting) >>>> Age (wrinkles).
Alright let's go running together- (watch me die in 3 seconds 8D)

@Bubblesita: XD Oh god I know. It's been ages since I've drawn him too so I very nearly left out all his little details OTL
Fight scene (that will probably fail) postponed to next week TwT;;; sorry >"<

@Kouya: O-oh god. orz Red Virus (tentacle) rape? OTL *SHOTSHOT*

@The DayDreaming: XDDDDDD The only problem Kale would have with hooking up Kaze with his mom is that he might have to call Kaze "dad". I can sense another dysfunctional family drama coming up.

Poultry family is... er... yea, a little dangerous. But Kale says he doesn't mind. He'll just find another Roast-Chicken-Mama when the first one's gon-*SHOT*

Sssshhhhh you're giving away the grandfinale there D8<;;;; (SHOT)

As for their terrible relationship... things will make a lot more sense soon OvOb... or they will make a lot less sense, depending on how your logic works... O_o;;;
... since my logic tends to work in different ways perhaps it'd end up making less sense but I'll just have to hope for the best OTL

OTZ Orz orz
I... I'm sorry OTL... My parents visiting over the weekends + this week's workload meant that the next page wasn't going to happen (If it were just talking faces I can probably handle it but... action scenes...) so here's a Filler Filler (i.e. Hika recycling old sketches and fixing them up slightly) of what the title page for this chapter was supposed to look like.

... speaking of which I just realised File 4 still doesn't have a title page... right? =A=;;; (oi oi)

I have recess week next week though, so hopefully I'll be able to make up for this page AND another page. T-that is, if our teachers don't decide to give us three weeks of homework for that one week of holidays TvT;;;

I'll do what I can.

On a side note, Kale's mom was never really supposed to have such a large role in the story... (just someone who appeared in flashbacks actually) so to do her design I actually just took Kale, lengthened his hair and put in more feminine features. =q= (oi oi)

The Real Kaleko. (wrong)
@BlackCatz: XDD heroic despite what's going on in his head huh D8 (I'M GOING TO RUN REALLY REALLY FAST AND HOPE KAZE HANDLES EVERYTHING ELSE FOR ME)

@Bubblesita: True. True. TwT (/galiant pose!!!)
I-I know right-*SHOT* +v+b So coincidental-<--oi

@keoko-dono: Dinner? O3O (stomach grumbles) <-- oi

@The DayDreaming: XD!!!
I love that middle and last name =v=bb
Kale's considering having a family of poultry. Roast-chicken mama and Fried-chicken papa and maybe a Baked-chicken sister. He thinks they will make him far happier than his old one.