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Anime, manga, drawing, 3-D designing,
Whoa whoa Sara, that's a BIT out of line!
Kinda insensitive....>_>
Nuuuuuuuuu I don't want them to die!! ;w;

Hey hey Ki, do you still have a copy of your FMWS doujinshi left over? Can I buy it through paypal and give you my address in a PM? XD
.......I really want it. ._. I already have all the ones they're selling on auction sites. I NEED A NEW ONE!! DX
Really like Ruya's hairstyle here. :]

No no, you need to price them, factoring the amount of time and effort you put into them!
First comment!? Whoa. XD;

Well, your school is really well-drawn at teh bottom. I'm sorry I can't make it to that convention and actually meet ya in person!! >_<
WHAAAAAAAT YA GOTTA SELL IT FOR MORE THAN THAT!! DX Don't you value your work, man!? Come on!!

Um..."boku" and "ore" is like...well polite, nice boys use "boku" and the tougher guys with a little more attitude use "ore". XD

He plays dirty, getting Rin involved and stuff!! D:<

You gotta love Ken's confident "No wai, biotch" smirk. XD
XD Lol I like how Ki looks scared and Eiji looks mad. XD

And Ren's "I'm cool with it!"

Lol he doesn't strike me as a guy who would use "Boku".

He is totally "ore" material. XD
Please excuse this totally noobish post:



He is so cool! XD I'd totally fall for him.
Haw haw we ALL hate BGs!!

Drawing characters is more fun. :p
Don't worry-I just hurt my foot more than I hurt the door. XD

LOL Childish "starved for affection" moms are AWESOME. Like Ion's mom. I also have a character like this. They make me laugh so hard. XD It's cute when they love their kids THAT much!
Zomg they are already great. XD
Ki's dad looks the opposite of Ki. XD
I like the first panel where you see him drinking his tea. Very nonchalant. :D
He looks cool when he's kicking a door. XD

I kick doors and walls when I'm mad. XD
I thought so :3 Oh hey, are those Ki's parents I see!?
That's horrible. >_< And unfair!!

Ki, what do you use to color with? :3 Photoshop?