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Dedede's insurance policies are insane due to constant castle-destruction events.
Meta disapproves of the wrinkles.
Burger King's face oddly fits King Dedede's whole aesthetic.
Dark Matter (TM) is a vital part of a healthy and complete diet.
@Djoing: New inhale subverts such trivial game mechanics!

@Ultizeta: The inference is that Kirby is utterly and thoroughly destroying shit up.
Think smart: you don't have to fight enemies if you destroy the whole level itself.
Will Kirby defeat Dark Matter with his newfound powers? Will he even find where Dark Matter is? Will his missing kidney hinder the journey? Stay tuned for more moronic hijinks!
Kids, don't swallow random devices from strangers. You might get superpowers (or not).
Honestly this pun/wordplay is the only reason I rebooted the comic. Forgive me.
@SuperScratchkat and @TheJGamer, got it! The site isn't causing readers to stab their eyes out so that's a step up.
The only reason Dedede is an egotistical autocrat is repressed emotions. This is canon.

Oh and by the way, site looks less like ass?
Dedede can never have nice things.
Greetings. How do you do? Why yes, I do too. For some answers to hopefully most of your questions, please take a gander at the news post by clicking here. It will explain everything, dear readers.

(I know the site looks like ass, but I just wanted to get the first update in before dealing with that.)
@Shard: This is what D00D64 said regarding your review some issues ago:

"I was going to review Aware, and still plan to, but I kind of wanted its current arc to finish, as it may greatly effect my view on it... so that's why I have been taking so long on it."
You guys is fast.
I think I'm up to wreak some havoc in here once more.
Hey man, I think I speak on behalf of most of us here when I say that you should pursue whatever suits your needs best.

We can only thank you for the entertainment you provided in your own volition, but other than that we can support you in your future life ambitions and other projects.

With that said, all that is left to say is good luck.
I must be missing something. Who's this "Keeby" fellow?