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Sup y'all.

Whelp, there's not really all that much to know about me really. The name's Aleks Stock. I've got a cat.

Uh, I like drawing/writing comics and am hella passionate about this shit.

So yeah, thanks for reading my shit - comments make me hella happy and I only don't reply often/post author comments cus I have this huge thing about clogging up the bloody comment board. I'll reply if you ask me something/say something that just NEEDS a reply/etc though.
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World totally be down for a review if you're up for it. I'm always open to a good critiquing. :)
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Devil's Advocate
A multi-genre story about seven teenagers who've been split up and sent to hell after summoning a demon on a whim. There's love, hate, action, adventure, horror, comedy and everything in between.

Updates every Sunday (and random days during the week). <- Click to start the adventure!
Go to for the official SD remake - where it's both written, and drawn, 10x better. Same cast, same general stories, but there will be enough things different to argue that it can be a different comic. :)
Thanks for the review :) I'm going to attempt to do a major text overhaul of the comic to delete the 'quirks' from the day-to-day speech since you mentioned that was one of the core problems with it (I'll also keep your tip about the visuals in mind as well!). Thanks again for taking the time to review my little webcomic :3
Oh wow this story's amazing, I love it!
You've got some lovely reviews and I really love how you like to take a neutral point of view for you reviews - it's the best kind. :) I was wondering if you could review my comic, Sketch Dump? Thank you. :)
@misguidedDetective: Haha, thank you for the really nice comment! :D It's called Sketch Dump because that's how it started, a sketch dump. After blubbering about for a week doodling characters and staring at rainbows, I decided to actually try and turn it into a serious story. I kept the name because of the little background tradition I have going on that every single character as you see them is their first design and more often then not designed on the first page you see them. And, well, the metaphor could be used in a hundred ways as well - all the main humans are very different people, or the fact it's four stories in one, or that Iladyl's hair really needs some quality time with a brush. Tis free for interpretation~ (Besides, the other name I was considering was #TastetheRainbow and, well, I'm glad I stuck with the original title XD). Hopefully that answers your question. :D
@theknightofdoom: Thank you!! :3 And yeah, tis Jack with the shades~
February 20th, 2015
Holy shit I can't believe I've reached 50 pages already. 0.0 And to think this was barely a concept only two months ago, wow. Thanks for the support so far guys, it means a hella lot! :D
February 14th, 2015
@Infinity: I won't deny I pulled some inspiration in some areas from homestuck, but I can assure you that the story is absolutely nothing like it. There is no game or anything of the sort - I think the only derivation of Homestuck I committed was the use of a messanger client (and some quirky text styles) to communicate, which will play a very significant role later in the story anyway. Hopefully that answers your question. :)

@BlueRose413: Haha, all good - and thanks. :) Andrew Hussie is both an amazing and very original creator, I won't deny I'm a fan of Homestuck.
The quirks/typos/etc are more a way to actually distinguish between characters with the same soul colours than anything else, otherwise no one would have a clue who was actually doing the talking in a multi-character panel. Rest assured, there's method to my madness (unless it's my goofy sense of humour, then that's probably just me being a grade A tart). Thanks again for the comment! x)
February 14th, 2015
@Cassanthia: Thank you!
February 1st, 2015
@LordWaffles: The basics of the situation is that after the ritual in Act 1, they were split up and sent to different areas in hell. It's meant to be kind of confusing at the moment since the humans currently have no idea what's going on either. In a couple of scenes I'll really start digging into the context of the story/etc. :) Thanks for the feedback though! :)
January 26th, 2015
@Mechist: Wow, thank you! I most definitely shall. :)

@Schwee31038: You'd be surprised what kids are into these days - I've come across 10 year olds writing/posting some really hardcore stuff in my time. I know I discovered shipping at Ana's age - it was a 'whole new world' to say the least. x)