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Important Announcement
First off, thank you to everyone who checked up on this comic! It's been a bumpy experiment with plenty of learning moments.

Secondly, Lost Lullaby will be going on break until at least April 2016, if not longer. There's multiple reasons for this hiatus. First off, after this past year of making the comic, it's become apparent to me that I need to hone my drawing fundamentals (aka the boring stuff); having a stronger grasp of perspective, anatomy, color, etc. will help create a regular page turnout in the long run.

Another reason is that I'll be working on a personal, original comic project throughout Winter 2016. The story is more or less complete -- it's just a matter of doing some vis dev and working on all the pages. My projected launch date is March 3rd! Please keep a lookout for it via tumblr or twitter!

AND finally I'll be tabling at Anime Conji 2016 this coming March. Gotta get ready for that! I'm excited to be back at tabling! :D

If you're interested in getting early updates on my original projects or even getting sneak peeks of the next LL pages, please check out my patreon page! And as always I'll be free for a chat on tumblr and twitter. :>

Take care!
November 14th, 2015
These past few weeks I've been really into Undertale; finished the True Pacifist run, made some fanart, watched the Game Grumps playthrough (and cried), and over-visited the wiki.

If you'd like to see the Undertale stuff, or the other things I'm into, check out my tumblr or twitter!


I haven't really made an official, stand-alone post about it, but I do have a Patreon set up for my comic endeavors. Check it out. :>
November 2nd, 2015
@Captain Ghost: First person to comment! :> Thank you! I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapter.
Would it be possible to enhance the readability of the text? Maybe a different color, or transparent white boxes around the text, just so it's slightly removed from the art (which is gorgeous btw).
August 6th, 2015
...I'm going to try a different technique for the next page, WHICH! I'll try to get out next week! YES.
There was a weird time lapse between this page and the previous one. But to clarify, it's the next day.
Hi! this is page one.