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You found a comic dude guy writers page! congratulations! Your reward is: wasting your time reading my crap :U.
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Must be nice having built in cell phones in your head. :P
Meanwhile Ada is at her book club and nikas at the zoo partying with the other chameleons and lizards. :P
Even though shes like a wizard, i have to say i didnt see that coming :T.
Glad to see this back :d. really missed it, keep up the great work.
WELP they failed the test. Roll credits! :U
July 8th, 2015
Excitement! I cant wait to see the other pages. Curse my inability to fast forward through time xU
This looks cool :D. And here I thought you were gone. thank you for proving me wrong :P.
Holy crap! its a Uxie with its eyes OPENED :O. But nevermind that, whys there a huge crack on her face? Questions to be answered later i guess :3
@kotaku: If you want, the first 2 pages of my comic are on my deviantart page. Just look up my name and look for my profile pic. It may look stupid but later when i can get into the plot n stuff itll be a whole lott better.
Something tells me those boars are gonna be a little overcooked :3
God i am loving that girl :T. Keep up the good work man.
@PhantomCat: If you dont mind me asking, how long will the fan art page be done? I wanna make something totally cool for you <3.
i hope to god thats not a uxie because if it looks at avis with open eyes were gonna be at this all over again :T.
Nooo....this how lonely people think you look like.
This forest looks so magical and awesome until you see the eyes staring at you in the darkness, then you get a little creeped out :I. Anyway good job on the page :D, was really cool seeing how you made it on stream too.
Thank God, I think that error saved us from 30 pages of video game addiction :T.
June 17th, 2015
Oh man! :O he almost got some of that tail.
To be honest if i saw someone with ears like that i would tug onem to see if they were real or fake...but then again im a crazy gamer too so whatever :P.
@kotaku: Things happened and I just couldnt get around to working on it anymore, so i deleted it :<. It was probably a stupid decision to do that, but i was AMAZINGLY lazy on the comic, and I didnt want people to think of me as...well lazy. It may return sometime in the future but for now im working on another comic, this time with more effort. Im srry if your disappointed :/.