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Just a person trying to develop themselves more through art. Well, that's about as deep as my brain will get right now... I like the internet...and cookies.
February 7th, 2012
This is absolutely lovely art! There's so much detail in these pages!
Sorry for the spam!
But I loved this<3 I'm looking forward to whatever you have to bring forth in the future! This deserves way more views XD
What program do you use? :) *dies again from the cuteness*
That face<--- so adorable *dies*
LOVE LOVE LOVE<3 I love your style!
This comic is sooo cute :3
so cute<3
nicee. btw, if u want to add character pgs you go to the place where you can add new manga pgs and then scroll down and it says CUSTOM PAGES , i think...
woot, first comment ooooh, awesomenesssss *favs
ahh this is so awesome XD O.O did i get first comment *first comment dance** keep up the good work
ahh, i love your comic so far so CUTE
NATe is so kute hehe HE"S AWEOSMNESS!
NYa! THis looks good *faves*
myahhhhhhhhh! Your comic is so cute! and pretty! 5/5
So good!
ZOMG, your comic is so good so far! anyways hehe my name is Melody too !
Omg I wuv ur comic. Keep up the good work >.< Anyways what do u use to draw?