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Transboy, Aromantic, SomethingSexual, Nerd, Pokemon Lover, and Trash all around.

Engaged, Really Gay.

And, hopefully starting a pokemon webcomic soon.
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    Jamie Williquette
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God, this brings a lot of memories back for me. It's like I'm Lucy, my girlfriend Rylie was Laura, and my Fiance Eke is Sarah.

It's hard to cope with guilt sometimes, it feels like I'm replacing Rylie but that's never been my intention. Though, I'm certain she would have given her blessing.
I've had reoccurring nightmares similar to that since My girlfriend killed herself. They're horrible.
I highly relate to this page, While I'm not Asexual, I am Aromantic. I'll see people I think are pretty, but not /more/ pretty then anyone else? They're just, there? I'm not attracted to them I don't want to date them they're just