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I have a feeling that there will be a huge beatdown after this... Yeah...
That's gotta suck ass.
That towel has the power of a thousand suns. Praise the towel.
I have a feeling that when he confesses, that I'm going to stand up, let out a large bellow, go super saiyan, and punch my computer monitor.
The Slime is like an octopus?
Beppe is so sm0l. He is a angry hamster.
I'm sorry, but Large McBuffman looks slightly aroused. Just sayin'.
Biggest nerd
This guy seems like a super nerd. The kind that watched x-files and researched UFO sightings when he was young.
I had deal w/ a kid like that once. I showed him up pretty good.
What's up w/ the pages?
Is that Haru from Mekakucity Actors?
I saw that.
What is the text in the Bone Man's silhouette?